I Desperately Need Help And Support..not Judgement..

This is the first time ever i speak about my obesity...I am 24 years old and I am 140 KG=308 lb...I have been over weight as a child..and I entered the era of obesity in my early teenage years...After hundreds of trials i couldnt reduce my weight..this devistated me n made me feel like a failure ..I dont believe in me anymore..I've been bullied throughout my school years..I didn't have a relationship ever..My mother just told me that I'll not ever get married and I'll end up depressed...in fact I am already depressed chronically..I feel lonely and I am sick of people judging me...2 years ago I lost 20 kg n I gained them back..I avoid parties and other social event alwayes and this made me more lonely..I cry so often behind the closed door of the bathroom...my knees hurt..my back hurt..the funny think that I've just graduated from the med school!!!!! I dont trust myself as a doctor because I am not healthy..I am dying to get married and have children..but its not going to happen with this weight..I feel like am losing my mind with overthinking..I think about it ALL the time and this is exhausting me..I got nobody,,no friend..no support...nothing..with this broken heart and devistated soul...can i lose 75 kg or more???Is there is hope?.I joined this group because I need somebody to understand me not judge me..
sandray sandray
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Hey hope your okay. If you ever need to talk just message me xx

I hope you have found the help you said you needed xx

I will be your support and no judgment will come from me. I am in in the same situation as you, except I am now 500 lb. I look in the mirror and I unable to understand this person I have become. I also cry on a daily basis behind closed door. I am 42, and this weight is destroying my life. I have two young daughter's who are missing out on doing things because of m size, and my DH has to take on the brunt of the work. I have tried every diet out there with limited success to only gain the weight back and then some. I am currently seeing a dietician and a psychologist to work through my emotional attachment to food. Please wish me luck, as I wish the same for you. This is going to have to be a life change, so please don't give up on yourself. I am not giving up on you.

thank you for your supportive comments :) i surely like to contact you and i'll soon :)

Hi Sandray! I feel your pain exactly. I have dealt with the same issues most of my life as well and I know its a lot harder to loose weight than what people think. Especially keeping it off. I have a hard time staying on track too without any support so although your thousands of miles away I would love to offer my support to you. You can contact me whenever you like at my email doowop86er@yahoo.com if you ever need a friend or someone to talk too. Homegirl if you could get through medical school you can get through this. When life gives you lemons make sugar free limeaide:)

hi there. were in the same boat. also in the same field. im a nurse but very unhealthy. im 230lbs now. and not loving it. But I started to try change some of what im doing wrong and little by little do a bit of moving and less eating. It is hard but if you want someone you can communicate with in regards of you losing weight just message me up. lots of people have done it. and i believe we can be one of them. =)

thank you martin...thats all i need..some one to simply understand what i feel..coz nobody in my family or even friends seems to do so..and dealing with all this pressure on my own exhausts me...

I understand how you feel. when i was growing up i was depressed and fat. nobody liked me because i was fat poor and talked proper (like a white person they would say) dont be so down on yourself. you still got fight in you. you havent given up and thats all that matters.

I tried a dietician..but she was so rude to me i couldnt continue with her...

Have you talked with your Dr. about a weight loss plan?