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Omg Dont No Where To Start.. :(

Well as all of you do, i have a big problem with food and it's got out of control. I've tried to sort it out, believe me I have. I've seen a counsellor been put on diets tried to sort out my issues but i just can't. I enjoy food, i cant think of anything else and it's got me into such a bad way. I currently have a carer who helps me do many things like getting up/going to bed, toileting, washing and encouraging me to take a few steps. She's seen it all, I can be terrible, I know I can be, she tries to control what i eat but if she doesnt give it to me, i shout and become very angry until she does. I breakdown after becasue i know what i'm doing is wrong. Although, most of the time I stay in bed or in my chair, she does do some little exercises with me to try and ease me a little. For example, she'll get me onto the bed and i'll roll back with my legs up as high as i can. i feel it relieves some of the anger i have inside. Another one is moving around the bed without her help. I sometimes feel I can manage so I tell her to go. Most of the time, I struggle and call her to come back. I am very depressed but would never consider surgery or anything. I am taking one step now and again but it's so hard. I've never told anyone this before.
chloepearce93 chloepearce93 26-30 6 Responses May 22, 2011

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I'd happily feed you. X

do you want to talk to me?

Yes just say when.

please email me ,

Sure! By the way how long have you been bedridden?

Don't lose weight! Your sexy as you are!

Your carer is an absolute blessing. I hope you appreciate how lucky you are to have a strong woman who is there for you and sincerely cares for you and tries to do the right thing for you. Try to humble yourself a bit and work with her. You need external structure as you are not capable in your present state to bring about health and healing for yourself. There is not a single person on the face of this planet who has ever had a weight problem who doesn't absolutely love food. But all of us need to deny ourselves a little because our appetites are outrageous and would kill us if they could. Surely you don't want that?

I've messaged you I hope your okay it's probably really hard to get computer access when your bedridden. X

You sound amazing!<br />
Dont lose weight sweetie!<br />
Message me!