Fat And Unhappy

I am a 31 year old wife and mom that needs to lose weight, I have been overweight all my life, I use to try and starve myself as a teenager, but still overweight! It wasn't untill after my daughter was born that I found out I have hypothyroidism. Still having a hard time losing weight and I am at my heaviest 295, I am just hoping to find someone to be friends with, that have the same stuff in common, I need encourgement to lose the weight because I am a boarderline diabetic. So if you want to chat just shoot me a line.
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I am 28 years old, a boarder line diabetic and morbidly obese, I have tried everything under the sun including starving myself and I can't seem to get the weight off. Its to the point that i don't have energy for anything and my husband won't even touch me, he does not think i'm beautiful anymore and neither do I. he cheats on me and have had other children with someone else. I'm hurting and my heart is broken and my relationship with my husband has fell apart. I feel lonely and abandoned, i just want to drop the pounds and tell him to kiss my ***. as my kids and i ride off in the sunset

Hi, I am new to this but I am also fat and unhappy. Just wanted to say hi and have a chat if you wanted. I realize that this post is from 2011 so I hope you are no longer fat and unhappy ;)

Would you let me help? I'm in the same boat but found an answer!<br />
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I currently have 106 to lose but I am so excited because I FINALLY found something that is helping me lose! LOL. There is hope for us people! We just have to care enough about it to do something about it! :) I found ViSalus about a month ago, and decided to try it. I have tried so many things and nothing ever worked. I figured I would give this one a go because it sounded like it really tasted good and a lot of people that were on this were really losing. After one week being on this I lost 4.5 pounds! It was so easy! I'm not kidding! I was so excited about it that I became a distributor of the products and have now lost 14 of the original 120 pounds that I need to lose and 10.5 inches GONE!<br />
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Please join the challenge with me and let's lose together and lose it all for good!! :)<br />
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I have been overweight for more than 30 years...can anyone give me advice?

I completely understand. I am 29 and have 2 boys. At my heaviest I was 305. I have always struggled with weight. I am at 279 and went to the doc this morning. He prescribed me diethylprop and I am anxious to see if it works. I am so ready to enjoy life, but am too tired to do anything. I want to be healthy for my family. That is my biggest goal now.