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I am looking for people in my area, or where ever to join me in the weightloss battle. I am going to take up juicing from fat sick or nearly dead. You may do your weightloss however you want but really I am looking for a support group. The love of my life does not want me to loose weight and thinks im fine the way I am. I, however, call BS on that and I want to loose atleast 50-75lbs (minimal) as I am 20 and 260. Let me know!!!
LillyRose92 LillyRose92
18-21, F
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Have you looked into

Im on a product called body by vi and its a meal replacement in a shake form. You can add what ever you want to it like fruits if you like coffee you can add the powder in that or oatmeal. We have all kinds of recipes that you can mix your body by vi with and it taste really good. Ive lost 32lbs in two months and from a size 24 to a size 16. I have the energy to do my exercise and more. It also helps those that have sicknesses like Diabetes and high blood or cholesterol. I prefer my shake with frozen fruits cause i like the smoothie texture. Please visit my site and watch the videos they have for you to learn more of the product the kits the offer and what each one does for you. Please sign my guest book leaving information i can use to follow up with you about the product. If you want to contact me in person my number is located there for you to call. Just dial 1-808 first and then the number. Mahalo and hope this is what may help you in acheiving your goals!!