Really Find It Hard To Cope!

My name is Lee, I am 33, live in Australia and am morbidy obese. I have a partner and have been engaged to him for around 7 years! Lately, after finding out I have type 2 diabetes and having a lot if trouble getting that manageable, I have been
Feeling really down and often Find myself feeling like I don't have much longer in this earth if I can't get my weight and health under control. I feel like I try so hard with everything and yet feel so let down and hurt. I hope I do not sound like a self absorbed winger just have no one who would understand how I am feeling. I am a heavy woman and am really scared there is no hope for me. Would love any advice/ friendships. Thank you so much xxx
LeeLee79 LeeLee79
31-35, F
May 12, 2012