I Don't Know What Happen

I have been heavy set my whole life but never as bad as it is now. I have always been the biggest of my cousins and brother and I was always made fun of as a kid. Kids would call me Shamu as I walked home for school and I would cry everyday. As I got in my teens the weight would come off then on then off and then on. The smallest I have ever been was a size 14 and the biggest is now. I wear a size 24 and feel so miserable.
I got pregnant when I was 19 and gained nothing while pregnant I actually lost 10 pounds from how sick I was. My next pregnancy was not as nice but I came out of it at 220. I lost a bunch of weight after my second one and was at 170 it was nice I felt good and happy. I found out i was pregnant about my 2 sons 1st birthday and I gained a lot I was 230 when I delivery him. I did not lose much weight after him maybe 10 pounds or so and I found I was Pregnant again when he was 7 months. I was up to 245 when I delivered my daughter and I lost some weight again maybe 10-15 pounds. We ended up moving to Fl and this is where I have gained most of my weight. I was 294 last week. I have start cutting things out that I have eaten and drank my whole life. Pop was the hardest and watching my calories but i have been strict with my self and yesturday I weight my self and I was 280 yes 14 pounds down. I would like to lose a 110 pounds from this point forward. I really hope I can pull it off for my childrens sake. My husband has been supporting me a bunch and has never made me feel not beautiful and I love him for that I just think I need more females ep to understand how hard this is and how much I hate being FAT.
I am here for anyone who needs just that boost of praise and understanding.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

Good luck with your quest. I can understand how you feel as I have tried to lose weight many times but just get heavier and heavier. I am now 255lbs and seem to be heading towards 300lbs and possibly more as I have gained the last bit so quickly.

I know how you feel cause i was a whooping 245lb two years ago and then i did a diet pill called phentermine and i lost 45lbs on the three months i was on it and got sick cause it was a bad way i didn't. Just not eating right cause you will have no appetite but it gave me sooo much energy to exercise do extra cleaning and more. But it took a toll on my kidneys (but its all good cause i stopped before it gotten bad).<br />
Now im on a healthy meal replacement called Body by Vi (not sure if you heard of it) but you replace your meals (two a day) with this product eating snacks in between each shake and then a sensible dinner. Recommended to take the shakes in the morning and lunch time. Eat dinner before 7pm cutting out half the portion of what you like to eat.<br />
I was 225lbs before i started this product and been on it for 2months now. I lost 32lbs and now fit from a size 24 to a size 16. Gots lots and lots of energy to do what the phentermine use to do for me but much much healthier way. Its not a diet program just simply something to fill your daily nutrition and energy your body needs to make your day a better feeling one. Please go to this site www.jodys1.myvi.net and watch the videos they provide with information for you on this product and what it does. It has the kits they offer and the reason for each kit. If you have more questions please sign my guest book leaving information i can use to follow up with you. Mahalo and have a blessed day!!