Hello everyone, I am 30 years old and obese. I have been struggling my whole life. I need a change. I can't go on like this anymore. I want to be healthy and able to walk and run without getting out of breath. I want to wear cute clothes. I have been married for 2 years now and want to be able to concieve and being overweight is keeping me from getting pregnant. My knees hurt all the time and I have high blood pressure. I would love to meet some people going thru the same things. I want someone to keep me accountable. I hope that I have come to the right place.
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Hi I'd like to help u hen will u be online?

Also I have thought about getting lap band but don't have insurance and not sure how much it costs. Can it affect me getting pregnant or giving birth?

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I am also 30 and face the same struggle of obesity. I totally relate how our weight does have a large effect of our lives. It is not easy but my advice is to have a positive outlook of life. Enjoy activities and people and live like its your last day. I hope the best for you and maybe we can chat to vent n stuff. :)

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I felt the same way for the past 14yrs after having my kids and every time i had one (i have 3 now) i would get more poundage on me after i gave birth. I was introduced to this product by my family not only because they knew i wanted to lose weight but also because im diabetic. The only thing is you need to be committed to it just like any other program they have out there to lose weight. <br />
Its called Body by Vi. Im not sure if you heard of it but would love for you to go to my site www.jodys1.myvi.net and watch the videos that they have for you to know what the product does and what kits they have and the reason for each one. It helped me alot with energy to go walking and do other things that i didn't think i would have enough energy to do. I lost 32lbs so far as of today in 2months that i have been on the Body by Vi 90day challenge. If you have any questions please fill out my guest book with your information and i will be glad to contact you and answer what ever you have to ask. Well most of it that i have knowledge but i can find out the ones i dont know. They ship to you as long as you live within the US and not other areas. Please let me know what you think after you see the video!!

Body by Vi falsely advertises. It's not "all natural." If you don't believe me, just read the ingredients list. And since when did "kosher gelatin" exist? It's an inferior company that uses the pyramid scheme to make money. I am a nutrition student-- i've been reading up on diet programs. If you really want to lose weight, use weight watchers online to keep track of your food intakes. It's cheaper and I promise you will see results (slowly but surely) if you stick to your allotted points. Good luck with everything! Message me if you have any more questions!