Hiding In Plain Sight

I am a 45 years old, 326 lbs, take way too much medicine for things that could be controlled if I lost some of the weight. I have 3 great kids and wonderful husband who accepts me for who I am and secretly worries so much about me. I grew up with 3 olders sisters who were much older than me and were much heavier too. I was the skinny one. Outgoing, fun loving, dated all the time. I swore I would never let myself get like them. I ate what ever I wanted with no fear because I was different than them. Boy was I wrong!! I started to notice the weight gain the year I was getting married. I had to get refitted for my wedding dress twice. I noticed that my mother was mentioning more and more that I was eating too much and needed to watch my weight. I still didn't care because I had a long long way to go to be like my sisters. I had great self esteem...25 years ago. Now 25 years later I've gained over 200 lbs. That fun loving extrovert is now an extrememly depressed middle aged women who tries to hide wherever she is. It takes everything I have to leave my house. I'm so uncomfortable. My body hurts all the time. When I'm with friends I'm constantly thinking about how embarrased I am to be so fat. I am embarrassed when: Flying - don't fit in the seats and have to pay for the extra seat. Sitting on the beach. Not fitting in restaurant booths or chairs. Being asked if I'm pregnant. Publicly breaking chairs your sitting in. Not being able to walk for 5 minutes without sitting down in the mall. I have to order my clothes in a catalog because you can't find your size in a regular store. I get those disgusted looks from people you know find you repulsive. I disgust my self. It's horrible. We all know what we have to do to turn this around. It takes small baby steps. Dieting and excersise. Why can't I just make myself do it? I don't know. Life suck when your fat!!!
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Hi I'd like to help u hen will u be online?

I can so understand what your talking about. I to was the skinny one in my family, outgoing loving life and dated all the time. Now in my 40's married with three kids. I do go to work every day but it kills me. I work in an office and can not stand the why I look. I get out of breath just walking across the room. What do I have to do to make my self want the change? I cannot seem to break thru this depression to want to change my self.. Being fat does suck!!

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It is very easy and nothing like slimfast or anything else out there! You buy a kit from my website...depending on what your looking for, then you drink two shakes a day and eat healthy snacks in between, and a reasonable dinner. There are so many recipes for the shakes that you will NEVER get bored!<br />
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Going thru the same things that you mentioned. The hardest part is putting weight loss into action. I want to have lap band surgery but can't afford that so I am stuck. I can't seem to stick to a diet. I want kids so bad, but being over weight has affected my hormones so I can't get prego. I am here if you ever wanna chat.

you can do small steps,like cutting out sugary drinks,cut out processed foods,take -away's .Eat more veg/salad with no or low fat dressing.Also use a slightly smaller plate and perhaps some exercise in the local pool,swimming or water aerobics.Last thought could your weight gain be something hereditry might be worth chatting to DR

I know exactly what u mean I stepped on the scale may 22,2012 and I weighed 400 lbs so I joined the body by vi 90 day challenge it's my 16th day of my challenge and I'm down 18 lbs. It's not a fad diet, it's a life style change. U want support and motivation check it out<br />