The Prisoner Within

hello my name is dennis nowak i am from chaparral nm. i weigh all started at early age for me...i was molested at the age of 11 by a family friend and that was just the start of my age 12 i weighed 200lbs, my mother and father were also big people but i had an older brother that was thin...he was embarased of us and use to call me every name posiable with the word fat in it....i t was hard growing up moving from school to the age of 20 i was around 350lbs my mom and dad were going trough a divorce and my mom moved to las cruces leaving my dad back in i moved with my mom for support....i got to new mexico became really good friends with this guy i met at the bowling alley we were like brothers....met a lady got married had 2 wonderful daughters best friend died of a heart attack when he was 43, and the my grandma died 3 months later and then my uncle died a week later and then i lost my hero my dad in november....4 deaths in a year and the add a failed marrige on top of that and then i ended up having colon cancer june in 2011 and here it is 2012 still healing from surgery and 610lbs....i am currently home bound hardly any friends and really not to many people to talk to....thats part of my story
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Hi. I just wanted to write to you and express how sorry I am for the hardships you've been facing. I believe you must be ready to change! I believe you mustnt want to leave your daughters behind with no father. What can you do today to lose one pound? Do it! Seek professional help! Do not allow your life to end without giving it a fighting chance. What would that teach your girls? The time is now!