The Doctor's Scales

I went to the doctor today. We have been partners in my quest to maintain good health for the past forty years. Today was different. I saw fear in his eyes when he told me that I had fluid in my lungs and one foot in the grave. He frantically searched the medical assistant's notes to find my weight. She couldn't get it because his scale only goes up to 350 pounds. I apparently weigh more than that. "What can I do to help you?' he asked. I couldn't answer because I had no idea how he could help me.

How did this happen? I obviously eat too much, but why? I really can't blame anything or anybody...just myself.

I will try again. I really don't want to die yet. My body hurts and it is trying to tell me to stop.
sensitivemary sensitivemary
61-65, F
2 Responses Jun 12, 2012

I am 335 right now im 25 and my mother gave me a wake up call. I want to have kids in about 3 years and she was so concerned about my weight and having a baby. I have set in my mind that I will lose the weight so in 3 years I can have a baby and not get diabetes. Find your motivation and run with it. It bites but Im doing it. I found a great quote "A year from now you will wish you started today" A year from now i want to feel comfy in a dress. I am going to a doctor specializing in weight loss and I cant wait. I wish you all the best luck

I can understand how you're feeling. I am in my 50's and weigh about 288 lbs. and i am smart enough to know that i am killing myself. just very slowly. keep trying. I know that life would be so much better if we can just get the weight off and regain power over ourselves.