People Are Mean But I Am Meaner!

So yes, I am an overweight chick and some people look down on the plump crowd! What I like to do is kill them with kindness! I learned a long time ago that this overweight thing is a daily battle. I can only be me and try to get healthier for me! Why focus on those that look at me as if i fell out of the sky? It is much more pleasant to focus on those that support me, that cheer me on when I loose a pound and eat Ice Cream with me when I gain a pound!  YES I AM OBESE but I AM HUMAN!

Gordy Gordy
26-30, F
5 Responses Jun 9, 2008

As human as the rest of us!

I also enjoy being morbidly obese the freedom to allow myself to gorge knowing that it wont make much difference. My body is a mess or so I have been told too many times to allow it to bother me. Yes it maybe too fat by about 200lbs plus but its my body and i love it with extra padding leave me alone u haters lol

Don't worry, be flabby! :)

You rock.

I like your attitude and approach. You seem to be happy with who and what you are and confident in yourself.<br />
<br />
That is the same way I feel about my being very fat and obese. I love the way I am, the way I look and how I feel. I discovered I was happiest when I was fat and gaining weight. I have added over 50 pounds in six months and now weigh 355. That is before my mid meal snack of three hot dogs and two cookies. I can feel my belly expanding. I like to interact with other people who enjoy being obese. My thought has always been that I choose to be this way and I know I am happy this way. If there are others who are also happy like me with being very fat, I like to share stories and experiences.

wish i was as brave as you people tut stare as though i just landed from mars kids always tease saying to there friend hey that chicks yours yeah that huge ugly one it hurts that i try so hard to blend into the crowd but because of my size im the focus of it