Why Diets Don't Work

My Name is Nicole Barrato and I've been a Nutrition counselor for over 8 years. After years of education and counseling I've learned that diets are not realistic. I’ve seen plenty of patients lose weight because of a ‘fad diet,’ but they can’t maintain that weight loss because they are doing something that is not realistic. Whats important is to learn how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your lives. Rather than developing an unrealistic diet plan that cannot succeed forever, such as a low carbohydrate diet, you need to figure out a more appealing way to eat healthy. Education is important, for example most people don’t realize three tablespoons of olive oil has more fat than a Big Mac. Understanding "to-do" behaviors is a good start. Restricting food will just leave you craving foods and eating more. Focus on designing meal plans that include higher volume foods which will keep you full longer without added calories and fat. Pay attention to your lifestyle to ensure your menu plan is realistic. Adopting a healthier lifestyle takes time, and that changing habits that have been part of your life for years is not an easy thing to accomplish. In many cases new behaviors are not going to happen overnight. The important thing to remember along the way is to focus on the positive - be sure to give yourself credit for the progress you make each step of the way.

If you want more information you can contact me at www.NutriGreene.com, I recently started offering Nutritional Counseling via Skype.
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I just visited your website and realize that you are not to far from me, I live in White Plains, NY but am from East Haven, CT. I will definitely be scheduling an appointment tomorrow, I need this.

May I ask how you feel about lap band surgeries? I am 335lbs and am 25. I feel like i havent given any healthy eating a good try and I am not sure about how I feel about having something in my body like that. I supose I should give healthy eating a exercising a good go before I make any decisions. I just joined the gym again. about 3 years ago i stopped going to the gym, when i went i loved it and stayed at a constant 260, im hoping i will get the same desire to go as i once did. But I digress I just want to know what you opinion is on bariatric surgeries in general. Thank you for any help.