"would You Do It Again"

I am always asked,"would you do it again" and I always answer, "yes I would". I have beenwaiting to have weight loss surgery after many years of researching the different ones out there, and attending many seminars. I think it is a very personal choice but here is what lead me to my decision. I did like the idea of bypass because it has a proven success rate but I did not like the idea of never being able to eat certain foods again due to dumping syndrome. I watched a video on the sleeve and on bypass to see how each worked and was immediately drawn to the sleeve. I liked the idea of restriction as my biggest problem is overeating. The sleeve would also allow me to have a bite of my kids bday cake, without having to worry about overeating it or dumping syndrome. The ghrelin (Ghrelin is a 28 amino acid hunger-stimulating peptide and horomone) that I perceive to be the biggest enemy in my obesity struggle. That's what sold me. I knew the sleeve was the right choice for me.
I found Dr Huacuz through some frinds in the town I live, and all have huge SUCESS!!! I called and talked to Rossy ( patient liasion) and he is just awesome. I bet that I called him anywhere from 1-4 times a day. Rossy always had the answers. I was scheduled to have surgery March 31, 2012, so my sister and I flew from Arkansas to Calf, where a driver was waiting for us. We then went to our 5 star hotel and got checked in. The crew was so nice and very helpful. The next morning Rossy was waiting on us downstairs and we then went to the hospital. I was then put in a gown, and they started my IV and did my blood work and EKG. The hospital was spotless clean, I have never seen a hospital this clean here in the United States. I met Dr. Huacuz, and he then went over every little detail on what was going to take place. I was so scared but i knew it was going to be ok. Dr Huacuz put his hands on my cheeks and told me that his staff wasn't going to let anything happen to me and that everything is going to be fine. I then woke up in my room, was very nauseated and was given some pain medicine and Zofran. The pain wasn't bad at all, just a little sore. The experience was awesome. I have just recently been chatting with patient liaison Rossy, and she is just as awesome and friendly as other staff that I have met.
I weighed 309 and am 5'5". It has been 6 months now and I weigh 222, and I am happy with that. I eat very little and work my butt off at the gym 5 days a week. My goal is to be 160-165, or a size 9-12. I can wear a 18 now, I was wearing a 28-30.
My overall experiance was awesome and I highly recommend Dr Huacuz and staff!!!!
Thank You so much Dr. Huacuz and staff!!! You have forever changed my life!!!
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Excellent story, as my husband mentioned wanting this surgery but I am frightened he won't make if off the table. Serious question though, you say you are exercising now, how and why did your motivation to exercise change after survey. Eating less and exercising as you are now, did you have to have surgery to reach that point?

Many of those that are very obese and have a lot of weight to lose need the surgery to help them get to a place where they can diet and exercise. In my particular case I need to lose quite a bit of weight to gain the mobility to exercise at all, the sheer scope of the effort that it will take is depressing and that doesnt do me any favors in the eating less department since most of us eat when we are depressed.

That certainly makes since. I need to lose over 200lbs but thankfully still very mobile. My hubby can't walk long at all however. I am just scared of the risks.

I too need to lose over 200lbs, and I have the added difficulty of a slipped disk in my back causing me extreme pain if I stand or walk more than a min or so. Me personaly, if I could afford the surgery no risk would be too great for the possible reward of getting my life back, but then again I am not married and have no one that cares about me to miss me if the risk proves to be reality.

that great how r u now?

I too have been researching weight loss surgery for a long time, thing is that with my situation, my weight is caused by my eating habits and lack of exercise but magnified by a bad back causing me to now not even be able to work, so with no income I can not afford weight loss surgery. Yet without weight loss surgery I fear that I will never be able to get enough weight off to take pressure off my back enough to get back out there to work.

I completely understand how you feel, I wish I could help you because I know how much you are suffering with your back pain and overweight, I don't know if you could get some kind of option to work at home thru your computer and that form you will be able to get some income and star saving money for your surgery, I hope we can continue in touch with you and hope that you don't get depressed because you are a winner since the moment you want to get out of this problem.

I am currently going to school online for a degree in web design with the hopes that I can do just that, work from home.