99 Problems And My Weight Is 1

I am 27 years old and at 481lbs this is the biggest I have ever been. I've been overweight my entire life so this is nothing new. I am just now starting to notice that my current weight is keeping me from enjoying everyday activities. I hate doing too much because I get tired very quickly and begin to sweat. Simple things I use to love and enjoy like shopping/walking around the mall are now out of the question. I try to keep my activities to a minimum to avoid feeling tired. I tell myself all the time that TODAY will be the day that I begin my healthy start but it's easier said than done.
MsGeminiDC MsGeminiDC
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4 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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I dare you to begin a healthy life.

You should get a mobility scooter if you are having trouble getting around, it will stop you from sweating and getting tired.