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I have been overweight all my life. It wasn’t until I was a teen that the weight started piling on. I’m 37 now and I weight somewhere around 500. I also have Lymphedema, which doesn’t help me move around like I need. I have tried to find help but places take money, which is what I don’t have.

The only insurance I have is Medicaid, which doesn’t give me many options in finding the right help, and when I do find something, they only pay for a small portion and then I can’t continue, such as recently with my Lymphedema. I was only allowed 18 units, each unit being 15 minutes, so that’s 5 and a half hours help. As bad as my Lymphedema is, there was no way that was enough. I was taught how to wrap my lower legs but with the top parts of my legs, that posed to be a problem. And now I have no idea what I am going to do.

It’s hard to move around in order to even begin losing weight, and not knowing how to shop or what to eat or even how to get the food I need, that seems sort of pointless.

I am also to the point where breathing isn’t that easy and I’m scared of what’s coming next. People tell me I have to give something to get something, meaning if you want to learn how to lose weight and nutrition then it costs. But what do you do if you don’t have the money to do it. I am on a monthly check and that barely covers the bills I have to pay.

I have exhausted any place I have found to ask for help and I do not know where to look, or who to contact. I feel so helpless and feel like there’s no hope for me. I wasn’t sure if anyone else has been or is in the same situation as me, but I thought I’d write something and get it off my chest.
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Excercise hard mate :) thats the only way, go to Youtube and search for "Arthur Transformation" and make sure you watch enough and more motivational videos. its a long long journey but trust me its all worth it with the attention u get when you look sharp :)

I was 382 lb. it will be three years sense my surgery with St Johns I had the sleeve tummy surgery I'm now 238 lb. it's coming off slow but it's staying off I now can do things I couldn't do with my kids amusement parks ride most rides and I myself have Medicaid Omni Care will cover it but you do have to try it takes a person to be strong if you really want it you can do it . To start off all non sugar foods and try for ten days a liquid diet first Popsicles ,broth,yogurts and pudding oh cottage cheese I lost fifteen pounds that fast you can do it I promise but please check first with your doctor because of your illness just to be safe cause I'm not knowledge of your illness hope for you the best and god bless

Wow...Yes you have to "have to give something to get something" but until they have been in your shoes than they have no room to talk. Support is what they should provide. Eating healthy and gym memberships are pricey...and it ridiculous since the goverment is so concerned about our wieght problems. Anyways Id love to be a hand in helping you lose wieght!! As well as support I would also like to share my website with you it may really be somethign for you. I lost an inch and a half that u can see in my pic. But its all natural and shrinks your fat cells. also theres a pill that helps cut ur carb intake in half by blocking the ablity for your body to asborb and store excess carbs. Check out the youtube demo its called "it works fat fighter". More Infos on my page and if ur interest or have questions dont hesitate to ask....oh one last thing, my favorite quote take it for what it means to you but its been my motivation..."the will to succeed only feeds the hunger"

Yeah, most places want money which I don't have. I'm stuck because I don't have anything to give someone to get help. I'm on a monthly check and by the time I pay bills, I don't have anything. It's really hard.

I would love the support, it helps me stay motivated, though at this moment I am not sure where else to turn that doesn't cost anything. I don't want to give up, but after years of trying to find help, it gets emotionally and mentally exhausting.

I'm interested in your wrap program I hade the tummy sleeve surgery August 18 2010 and am doing good but anything more that could help me I'm open to I was 382 lbs and now I'm at 238 lbs would love to lose fifty more pounds I'm not looking to be a glamor model I just want to live and be healthy I have a grandchild due this fall and want to be able to play run and all the fun things in baby and my life I want to watch my family grow a share all the great times with them please help me I'm no joke I know it's hard work nothing comes easy .

Okay great!!! And Congrats you have made it thus far, I am extremely happy for your accomplishment!!! I will be in contact with you for more info, I really think you will love the wrap.:)

It seems that your profile is on private so I can not message you we can speak on website link is are plenty of products on there that work amazingly but the two im most fond of are the wraps and fat fighters. I was at a stand still with my wieght and after two wraps my belly has shrunk tremendously. I plan on wrapping the flab on my arms and my thighs to get ready for my vacay to vegas. The wrap firms, tightens and tones the area u place it...if you would like i can email you pics of my teams results or you can google image it works wrap results. The other thing I highly recomend is the fat fighter...I know after trying to eat healthy after a few days im at my breaking point and theres a pill to help prevent your body from asboring and storing those excess carbs as fat. Heres a demo of it, super cool!! ....Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have!!

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