"Look At You, You'Re Huge"

Well I had my check up yesterday and I am very happy! I made sure that I was wearing tight jeans and a low cut fitted shirt. When I walked into the office I checked in and went to sit down. My butt barely fit in the seat and my love handles spilled over. When the nurse came to get me, i got stuck in the seat and had to slide out. I stood up and my belly jiggled out over my waistband. It was a great feeling. The nurse asked me to take off my shoes and step on the scale. It was a small scale and my belly covered the screen. She had to put me on the bigger metal scale. She moved the weight to the 200 mark then to 225 and it didnt move. When she moved it to the 250 and it still didnt move I got very excited! She inched it up to 260 then finally 270 and it leveled at 272. I tried to hide my smile. When the nurse left i played with my fat until the doctor came in. She walked in and saw that the back of my robe couldnt close all the way. She measured around my waist and it was 50 inches. She told me that gaining 45 lbs in two years was unhealthy and that I had to lose weight. I just nodded and said I would. I met my mother for shopping after and we went to tj maxx. She grabbed clothes for us to try; 16s for both of us. When I tried on the first pair of pants I couldnt get them past my thighs. I got an 18 and those barely zipped. When i tries the 20s they fit perfect. My mother was shocked that I wore bigger clothes than her. She was not happy. I just shrugged and kept trying on clothes. I tried on size 18 pants that were still a little tight and she said "look at you, you're huge. How much do you even weigh?" I told her that I was 270 lbs and she said "you weight more than anyone in this family. What is everyone going to think when we go to parties? Im putting you on a diet." I said "fine mom but i still need clothes that fit" it was hard finding clothes but i got a bunch of stuff plus my mom made me get "workout clothes." She picked out xl and 1x shirts and when both didnt fit she grabbed my belly and said "its because this is pure blubber" i had to get 2x shirts and size 20 pants. Even then my belly hung over my waistband and stuck out of my shirt. My mom took me out to dinner and said this was my last chance to eat whatever i wanted. I ate a 20oz steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, broccoli cheddar soup, chicken and bacon pasta and a big slice of chocolate cake. I also had many glasses of soda. My mom wouldnt let me wear my new clothes so i was still in my tight jeans and when i burped the button popped off under the table and my belly spilled out and pushed the table towards my mother. We paid and then she went and bought a scale that could hold up to 400 lbs. she said she would weigh me in the morning and make me breakfast lunch and dinner. When she weighed me this morning I was 275 lbs and breakfast was an omelet. She made a lettuce turkey and tomato sandwich for lunch but what she doesnt know is that i ordered pizza and cinnasticks while she was at work. Hehe. I hope the weight keeps piling on
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How is it going with your diet / anti-diet? Glad you got a new scale to see how well you are doing?

You're such a proud fatty! I love that! And I'd love to be as fat as you! :)

Sexy story

Wow!! I wish I could have seen you all dressed up like that!!

I love your story. It was so exciting when you ate enough to pop buttons. I hope you are able to keep gaining!!

Frankly, I think you're being very selfish. Your mother's trying to help you and you're just doing as you like while disregarding her concern for your health. If you keep this up, the health complications in the next ten or twenty years will be both expensive to treat and debilitating--it will make basic movements like walking insufferable. Excuse my rudeness, but I find it very difficult to empathize with this way of thinking.

Because this will turn out to be a good idea in a few years where the weight starts to really effect you're overall health.

amazing story

I do that too, just say "yes I work out a lot" but he doesn't know its my hands to my mouth lol