I Am 6'2", Weigh 355 and Love My Size

Over the last four or five years my weight has been up and down.  I realized that I loved being fat - even very fat - and over the last five or six months have put on over 50 pounds to now be at 355 with a 60" waist.  I love being fat, obese or even morbidly obese, which I think is where I would be clinically categorized.  I enjoy eating and have obviously been doing much of that lately.  I see from various internet sources that there is now a super obese category (I think that means more than 200 pounds over "normal") and I am working towards being that way with a goal for next year of weighing 400 or more.

To some in society, my behavior and choice may seem odd.  However, I am very happy with the way I am and the way I want to be.  I love my size and showing it off - always dressing well but in a way to show it.  I am very supportive of others who are also obese and their own choices - stay that way, get smaller or grow larger.  In my case it is gain more weight.

I am enjoying some of the experiences with my size.  My next slacks are going to have to be purchased on line and large enough for my thighs and back side. 

Flying is also interesting.  On my last flight, I was fortunate to have an empty seat next to me and also I could raise both arm rests.  I have become wider and my belly pushes my thighs apart so having more room to spread out was a plus.  Our attendant was very poite and brought an extender belt without me asking (first time that has happened).  With more than a foot of gap I definitely needed one.

I am finding that when I finish a meal, ususally one where I eat a lot (I like all you can eat places for lunch), I have to take my time to adjust to the new feeling and get my balance.  Then I have to take my time waddling out to get used to how full I am and how much I am pushing out front.

Getting in and out of cars is also new.  As I back in to get in I am wide enough that I have to adjust to fit in and then reach way around to get the seat belt on.  Getting out of the car means taking the time to move my weight forward so I can step out. 

With much of my weight in my belly, reaching to put on socks is more challenging.  I like the feeling of my belly being in the way when I reach down. 

I hope this is a site that is supportive.  I am not interested in any of the surgical procedures or any diets.  I know why I am this size - after all I did choose to be this way.  I love the way I am and how I feel.


obesewillie obesewillie
4 Responses Dec 15, 2008

Fantastic, obesewillie, I love your experience and I hope you get much bigger. Please send an email to my account if you want to talk about this.

Just found your wonderful story of over 1.5 years ago, and was wondering how you are doing on your fabulous goals 400+. Hope you've been over indulging in an abundance of delicious food and treats. I've heard things get more erotic over 400 luscious lbs. and side benefits include self lap dances. Quick weight gain can be so exciting; I've gained over 30 lbs in 2.5 months and it's a whole new me. Good Luck with your upward spiral! Keep us posted.

I too am gaining and enjoying it except for the stupid comments. I have gained almost 50 lbs since early May.. I am now 161 lbs 5'6. I have stopped obsessing over watching everything I eat, working out constantly for what..to be a size 2? My weight is mostly all belly, but the butt and thighs are joining in.. I have always been told I walk very heavy and hard, so now my belly jiggles alot when I walk. I still wear my low rider jeans, belly shirts (just more belly shows now) and yes my bikini. The only down side is none of my clothes fit any longer and the stupid comments.. I am chubby and happy. I didnt set out to gain..it just happened but the more I eat..the more I want and once I stopped working out the weight came on quick then I had no desire to work out.

I wanted to add to my originla story. I have been on vacation this week and have really taken full advanatge of the meal plan. I am eating three very full meals every day and snacking between. I am noticing that when I am walking around, there is a waddle developing. I took a bus from the hotel to one of the resort sites for a nice Cuban dinner and found that I was having to adjust to getting all my weight up and on the bus. THen after dinner, I waddled down the waling promenade for a while and then over to the bus where I waddled on and noticed when I sat down I took most of two seats. I could see that many on the bus noticed how fat I was and how much room I was taking and I loved it. I have always liked to show off my size and each day as I get fatter and fatter, I love it more.