I always have been and I'm tired of blaming everyone around me for my poor choices, but I am weak. I've already gotten to the point of purging and fasting and I know it's unhealthy and I already know about all the causes and effects of everything I do. I hate my self. I am weak and it disgusts me.
sairaa sairaa
18-21, F
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I am developing a product for overweight/obese individuals and at this point I am collecting information in a short survey. Could you take 5 minutes to answer this anonymous survey? If so, please copy this and paste to your browser: surveymonkey.com/s/pg71_SE Thank you so much!!!

I think you should lose weight and forget this crazy talk about making somebody happy.
Obesity will get you cancer, it will get you diabetes, it will get you shame, it will cause a life of knee and ankle pain. You will be picked on if you are obese.
Obesity can be stopped. You can weigh 140 pounds and I will teach you if you like.
This is my full time job.
It's weird but everything taught about weight loss is off.
The best approach is factual and stick to a plan that is impossible to fail.
1st let me say exercise is not the answer to weight loss. Medical studies reveal exercise is very good for the body but it is not the answer to weight loss
If you want help just ask but if you just want people to pat you on the back then that's okay too.
You pick?

Thank you. This is the kind of answer I was looking for. I am actually at risk for diabetes and as of right now I am required to loose weight because my doctor is unsure of a growth being a tumor or not. I need help.

Tumor!! To what part of you?
Is your doctor fluffing you too? Why would he say a tumor?
Has your doctor never seen an obese patient before?

On my chest and I truly hope not.

Okay, that type of tumor is it something you can see? Can you feel it?

I feel it.

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Wish I was younger. I'd definitely ask you out, because you sound absolutely beautiful. I love big girls, always have, always will. The man of your dreams will come along, and you'll be his princess.

It seems you are unhappy with your weight. May I ask, are you searching for answer to weight loss?

Don't you feel that way...their is no reason to ever feel the way you do. Being obese does not mean you have to be un-attractive!

At 270 pounds it does.

But with me, at 280 pounds and 6"4, I'm proud. You need to be porous because it's hot and respectable. You take better care than those skinny anorexic *******.