Hello everyone.  I am a 25 year old married mother of a beautiful girly girl princess.  I am morbidly obese.  I am now the largest I have ever been at 338.  I have always been a larger girl, but could always carry the weight well, was very healthy and had a lot of energy.  I was a cheerleader in school, had a lot of friends and no one ever knew I was close to 200 lbs. After high school I was on a roller coaster battle with my weight.  Gained 30 lbs, lost 50 and so on and so forth.  When I became pregnant I was 280 lbs. It was not until after I had my daughter that I the weight started getting to me.  I actually lost 20 lbs when I was pregnant and ate the best I ever did in my whole life. I had tons of energy and everything.  I had to have an emergency c-section with my daughter and had a horrible hospital experience and hard recovery. (they didn't give my any medicine except for ibuprofen the whole time I was in the hospital and they treated me horribly.)  When I got home I started feeling much better and actually within 5 days after the surgery when my staples were taken out I walked about a mile and was feeling well...sore...but well.  The area where they cut me has been a problem ever since.  I have horrible pains every day and I have seen myself emotionally and physically wearing down.  I do not have energy anymore.  I know I am depressed.  I couldn't fit into any cute clothes anymore.  I was really down.  I am really glad I have a supportive husband who loves me for me and actually is attracted to me after everything I have went through he has pretty much had to carry me through.  He has waited on me hand and foot pretty much since I gave birth.  But, that is the bad thing.  My body has became weaker.  It is just hard to wake up in the morning let alone run after a toddler all day.  I am the largest I have EVER been and the weight I am carrying around is taking its toll on me.  I am wanting to loose weight even if it is 30 lbs.  I know it would be a start.  I am wanting to find people who would like to loose weight too and have support on I know what will be a long journey ahead.

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I've never had this problem but.. Keep trying. You seem like a wonderful person and you're lucky to have such a supportive family. You will obtain your goal. You will win this fight. You will be positive. Feel free to message me if you need someone to listen.

I need weight loss as well let's do it together. I weigh 285 lbs.

Drink warm water. I found it very helpfull

but you people are depressed your heavy but I'm depressed I'm don't gain wait. I'm 25 but my wait is still 44. I want to gain weight but doctors saying healthy. I m healthy In fact I don't even get head ace or fever or feel sick. only problem I'm under weight for my age. I pray u should losse some weight wish u pray that I gain some weight

It sounds like depression is getting you down...I know how that feels.

I would love to join you on this journey. I am 23 and 258 pounds. I desperately want to have a child but my doctor tells me I must lose atleast 50 pounds for this to be possible. My husband is very supportive but it is hard for me to go to him with all these problems. I want someone who is going through the same struggles to share in this journey with me.

Hi lady. Please, please, please do NOT give up. Depression is hard enough to go through without the added issues you have gone through but you CAN lift yourself up and out of this. With the love and support of your family, friends and even strangers, you can get to a point where you are happy with yourself mentally and physically. But the hardest part is getting started. I know you can do it.

Download the Free weightloss challenge journal. It has meal plans, workout routines, and other info. Drinking 2 liters of water daily will make a big difference in your body and how you feel. Include green smoothies in your diet and it will also start to make you feel better. Also, take advantage of your weight to monetize on it: www.epxbody90.com/rubyvazquez

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If you don't mind me asking, How are you doing now? From 2009, has their been any changes in your life or goals that you have set for yourself?

Hi I'd love to help u when will u be online

Hi sophias mommy, wow I read your story I would love to help you I am on the journey been for 3 yrs now Im not gonna lie it aint easy but its soo worth it. I didnt have quite as much to lose but I have teamates that have lost 300+ lbs and it does work you need to eat healthy workout and have accountability. YOU can find me on facebook where you can follow me for accountability and support www.facebook.com/ultimateresultsfitness

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I was 205 for the last 20 years (since high school). This last year, I started trying different classes as the Y. I tried Zumba once, and I'm not addicted! I highly recommend trying a group excersise class. It's amazing what a group of other people sweating it out with you can do to motivate you. Now six months later I know several people in class, and they actually ask where I was when I miss. Accountability is a great too!

I truly hope you are able to overcome!

I'm not a doctor but depression can greatly effect your weight. Just don't dwell too hard. I can't say I relate but I've learned from my mom that we are women, we gain and lose. One moment we fit clothes the next we can't. It's not you, just the way the woman body is. Don't think on it. Take your time, do something family related to trim and that's all. You're sexy no matter how much you gain and there's only one of you, so nothing can compare to how you look except yourself personally.

Hi! I feel for you. Did you have your thyroid checked? If the thyroid is underactive, this would explain the weight gain and the lack of energy and the depression. Let me know, maybe I can give you some moral support.<br />
Take care.

Hi! I feel for you. Did you have your thyroid checked? If the thyroid is underactive, this would explain the weight gain and the lack of energy and the depression. Let me know, maybe I can give you some moral support.<br />
Take care.

I understand the earlier part. I am lucky because I don't look what I weigh. <br />
Exercise is often a cure for depression, so it could potentially solve both problems. If you are in pain, I would say see the doctor, I'm sure he will prescribe some painkillers.<br />
Your husband loves you, so don't put yourself down because of your weight.

You gotta deal with your depression, self-image and confidence first.....other wise it's for nothing. I, in no way intend to sound careless, but I can't help but be blunt. The idea that "I'll lose weight and all will get better" is simply not so. Yes it will in the future... at some point, however the myriad of diets, resolutions, pills and gimmicks in which you and I presume a great many of us at some point have endeavored upon are simply pacifiers; temporary remedies. People always say..."do it for your self" or "you can do it" and you can, but only if your heart is truly in to the depths of its core. When your life is filled with emotional trauma ..... sometimes its hard to get there. That is, we often fail to see and wade through our past, our trauma, depression and over all difficulties to the emotional freedom and confidence so necessary in making commitments of this magnitude....we embark on one half filled commitment after another. With failed effort after failed effort comes the notion we are failures, or we'll never do this...it can never happen and the depression, declining self confidence and diminished self image only escalate ......it becomes a vicious cycle. So ..... fix the inside first and if your up to it...start making TINY, but highly attainable goals ....even little baby sized goals. You will find that over time with little victory after little victory instead of failure after failure..... your confidence will grow and your depression will fade.

Sophiasmommy I know what you are going through. I am 41 years old and have been overweight all my life. I have never seen any size less than 16 my whole life. My advice for you is slow and steady, don't get wore out on what you should do or what you need to do. Watch what you eat 14 grams of fat per meal is good, excerise when you can. Having a toddler is tired enough but take her outside for a walk with you. Have patience don't lose heart you will get there in time. I pray you will be successful and be happy the main thing.. That is something every overweight person needs to be before they can get the weight off. I am still overweight and have medical problems also, but at the same time I am learning to appricate the little things. Good luck to you I wish success!!

@cyberseeker-ever heard the phrase "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!" well if you haven't please take it to heart. Secondly, please if you must critique at least have the decency to learn to spell properly!<br />
@sophiasmommy2008- One step at a time. Healthy on the food and keep portion size in mind. I would agree some meditation might be good as well as trying some form of exercise, even just walking that girlie girl of yours around the block a few times a day. Good Luck and Keep your Chin up!

I love heavy women ,just like you,,,,,,,,,,

If anyone writes a stupid comment just ignore it and delete it. I dont have any advice on losing weight. I just was wandering around and read your story.It touched me enough to want to reach out to you. I'd like to be in your support group and i'd like you to be in mine. If it helps you to identify with me i'll let you know this : I dont like to let anyone see me eat EVER and though that is actually me in the profile picture I'm so insecure that i used a photo program to appear 10 pounds lighter.

socalman463 WHAT THE **** ARE YOU ON? the root to being FAT is over eating.<br />
The first step to being a lower weight is NOT MEDITATION it is NOT OPENING THE ******* PACKET OF FOOD.<br />
Eat less, excersise mpore and you will lose weight you fat *****.

I am a sixty year old woman and am 323 pounds all I have to say is loose it now, don't wait. Now I am serious. Follow this and I am positive you will drop lots of weight. Very slow at first but in the weeks to come you won't believe how much weight will come off. I will do it with you but for me it will be slow all the time. A women needs 40 Grams of fat a day to maintain her weight, cut it in half. Take it down to 20 grams a day. Also cut calorie intake down to 1000 to 1500 cals a day. And lastly Take your beautiful daughter around two whole blocks every day . Don't use excuses . If the weather does not permit it find some stairs in your house and go up and down them a few times. Keep a record of what you eat. It is a lot of work but the pay off is great. You will find it easier to do after a while. I lost 75 pounds in 4 months. My problem was I thougt I didn't have to continue it. I thought I could do it by memory.You must write it down, so you can see it.Also no streach pants if you wear streach pants you don't feel how tight your pants get.I also became very depressed which I am still fighting. I lost my husband at age 50, Lost my dad in the following January and my job right after that due to illness and my mom died in Sept 2001. In three yours I gained and lost so much. But I am 60 and want to loose this big burden I am carring around if you are willing I will go on this ride with you and who ever wants to go along. Let me know. Make an appointment with your doctor and ask him what I have explained and see what he saids. Oh by the way my name is Laurie and for breakfast I am haveing a thomas muffin with cinnamon and raisans with jelly and a cup of mud.(coffee) Lunch today a tuna wrop on whole wheat wrap with lettuse just a touch of low fat mayo,Either a fat free jello or a fat free putting and for dinner I am going to a cook out , haveing a turkey burger and salad. You can eat anything just count your calories and fats. God be with you always

I know exactly how you feel. I was225 in high school, was down to 190 and then went back up to 244 after my son. It's a miserable feeling. I got all the way down to 168, but my abusive ex and my love of beer have since shot me back up. I'm literally afraid of gaining weight. I've been bulimic for going on 5 years now also. I know exactly what you're going through. Ya wanna know something else we have in common? Beautiful children. I know I wanna see my baby grow up w/a healthy mommy. I also want him to be healthy. You can count on me for support. I'm rootin' for ya! Good luck on your journey. Don't get discouraged either...these things take a while.

I'm sure that with your history of having so much energy and drive, you'll pull through. With treatment for the PCOS and endometriosis you should have medicine on your side. Oh, and if it's possible, think of your body as being on your side, too: it doesn't need the extra weight and if you right some imbalances it will go back to doing what it should; it's just run-down at the moment. Especially the depression: get that checked out separately. If it's serious depression (over an extended time, affecting your life) it can be treated too. Therapy if you can't mix the drugs you're taking with mood ones, and all sorts of herbal things if you need them. Actually therapy either way would help. Remember that there is always help within reach, if you choose to get up and go for it. (I was stupid enough to think I was completely alone when I had depression-- unique, perhaps, but alone, no way in hell.) There IS a solution and you are capable of achieving it. Get your support group and stick to it, and never give up. You can do better than I did (emotionally) and make things happen!

I found it difficult to find a doctor to treat my PCOS; I had to go to a distant city to a female endocrinologist. Some OB/GYN's will do it... but basically, you need to be on metformin, a diabetic drug (pill) to manage the insulin resistance; this will make weight loss easier and right some other issues also. Another drug, spironolactone, manages any excessive unwanted hair growth and also lowers blood pressure. Insist on the metformin, it is vital... also, google all the PCOS sites you can and collect all the information you can, and there are many books on PCOS available on Amazon.com. Good luck.

Hi,<br />
Visit to Dr, shall take you from one problem to another most of the time!<br />
Did you find difficulty in singing the song that i have posted above. try that; you will get instant energy to run behind your daughter. <br />
You test for yourself, you must be breathing in your left nostril only and some times through your mouth only, any way do snore? I have a number of tricks involving Air and Ether to set right your problem.

Hi, thank you for all the comments. Actually today I just came from the dr. and they said I had PCOS and endometriosis. I really do not eat much and have always been pretty healthy until lately since I have been so depressed. I also forgot to add in my story how when I got to college I was diagnosed with a form of Colitis and they treated me with steriods. After that moment I noticed my body changing and that is when I rapidly gained weight and never really could take it off.

Hi,<br />
Been there, done some of that too. Since your problem started so young, have you ever been checked for PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)? Google this for more info. It's very hard to lose weight if your body is already working against you with insulin resistance, and if you have this, there's medical help. Otherwise, or even if you have PCOS, I'd recommend Weight Watchers; I know it sounds cliche, but they are very common sense, teach you new habits, very little gimmicks, and quite affordable. No food to buy, just regular stores. You're young, you can do this and you'll feel great; just set small, attainable goals for yourself.

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I would be glad to be part of your weight loss support team - I need all the help I can get too! That's what I was on the net looking for tonight anyway - I too am at my wits end with my weight......

It is difficult to change lifelong habits re food & exercise and self-image. I have been helping my husband make healthier decisions (stop smoking, reduce portions, exercise daily) for several years and he is losing weight and becoming a healthier person. One of the things that has helped him a lot is meditation. Stress and depression cause us to eat more and become lethargic. He listens to my YIN Cleansing meditation, which increases your self-love, thus reducing depression. To stop smoking, I had him listen to the MANIFESTING! meditation and visualize himself as a non-smoker. He quit in a week! He's still not smoking a year later. Several others have quit smoking with the meditation too. I think it would also work for losing weight. If you would like to give it a try (can't hurt:), e-mail me with your address and I'm happy to send it to you for Free. I'll give you the special instructions so you'll know how to do it to lose weight. It is easy, only takes 30 min. and I guide you through the exercises (guided meditation). If people have quit smoking, why couldn't you lose weight? It's the same concept: changing your habits. Let me know. I'm happy to help. drvicki@drvickiwebb.com

My heart goes out to you. I suspect you must be feeling post partum depression along with being depressed about being morbidly obese. I too have been obese most of my adult life. But just this Sunday (1/3) I found a 12 step group meeting called Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous. There were about 50 people in attendance and their stories filled me with inspiration and joy and hope and thankfullness. I have resolved that I will join them and be successful along with them for the rest of my life. I'll go to the meetings. I'll follow the plan. I'll read the books. I'm filled with hope. <br />
<br />
You have a new lovely baby, a wonderful supportive husband, and you must be young and beautiful inside that obese body as well. You've got your whole life ahead of you. A life that can be filled with all the wonderful experiences that life has to offer, IF....you can free yourself from where you are right now. <br />
<br />
I hope the very best for you. http://foodaddicts.org/index.html

I am 52 yrs old. I am having a lot of trouble loosing weight. I would be very happy to help support you and become a team of fat burners. We can do this.