Obesity And Health Care

Hi folks.

I am a journalist from Norway. My name is Christina and I work for a newspaper called Bergens Tidende (www.bt.no). I'm working on an article series about health care in the US in connection with the new health care reform legislation. I'd like to do a story about obesity and health care; and want to learn about your experiences with insurers and the current health care system.
Is it difficult to get surgical treatment, such as stomach surgery? Is it hard to get proper insurance?
Have you ever been refused treatment or insurance?
Do you think it will be better if the new health care reform is passed into law?
I'd like to hear your opinion and/or experience.

Leave a comment here, or you can contact me at christina.pletten@bt.no.



absalonblue absalonblue
41-45, F
Jan 9, 2010