Bmi > 40

even though i don't seem like it.... it is true.. you may not believe me if you saw me... i do look fat ...  but not that much...

but yeah.. my BMI is more than 40...

dont bother telling me the health risks and that i need to lose weight... dont you think i already know?

i just wanted to share that and make it known! thanks for reading..

ThePeach ThePeach 26-30, F 17 Responses Jan 23, 2010

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hello i am a married male 54 and my wife dont care for sex much at all anymore can i be added please?

They've done some awesome jams about big women ...."More Bounce To The Ounce" first comes to mind.

You stay positive about yourself and no one can knock you down to their level. I'm a big woman myself and there's one man who's loved me since I was a skinny young girl and a lot of men prefer some big to their women ! Good on you !

Hello. I am from Wisconsin AND I like big women. Add me, lets chat

The BMI can deceive against look. I was classed as obese and it shocked me a little because I didn't look excessively overweight. I've gradually done something about it. I totally understand where you are coming from.

I like big girls, I think a little extra weight is definitely sexy

We are not fat, just big boned... Add me please..

40 seems really high... how are you measuring it. Calipers... one of those scales or have you done the water immersion.

u got a big ol' juicy booty? =P

Hmm not sure.. Ate you into cellulite?

Yeah I am. I don't even understand what is unattractive about it. It's not as if the skin looks unhealthy. It's all about curves, proportions, and geometry to me.

No cellulite makes the skin look like the skin of an orange... A bit softer of course

Women either have it or are going to have it.

i LOVE cellulite on a woman!!!

yes please

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Hi, I like and prefer fat women. I bet you look really good. Who care what society thinks

my bmi is 42 so I am also classed as morbidly obese


you need to realize that inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty ~ good luck and a lifetime of success and happiness !

The thing a lot of people have to realize is that you're not defined by a bmi, weight, or size. You're defined by the kind of person you are inside, how you feel, and how you treat others.

I'll take a thick chick of a skinny mini any time.

lol, nice! You sound like a wonderful woman to me!

What is your purpose in doing so?

Honesty is a great way to start to change something about yourself that you don't like; it also sounds like you have a healthy self respect, and have found ways to accentuate your positives.

Good luck in whatever your goals are.

my purpose was, first to eliminate all the guys who think a "chick" hides behind the my profile.. i am beautiful and to me i look good enough and even more! but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. so those who think "chicks" are pretty wil not like me and i dont want them in my profile! the second reason is... i dont hate that i'm fat! my BMI is now 39 i guess.. but i'm not losing weight on purpose.. actually when i obsessed a lot less on my weight.. i lost a good amount of it! so.. yes i have a lot of self respect.. me and me are on very good terms! *touch wood* =)

Glad to hear sound like one of the more mentally healthy people on these pages, and your confident writing confirms what you write.

Same here..... It's no secret I'm overweight when you look at me, but no one ever believes me when I tell them how much I actually weigh or what size I wear. In a way, that's a good thing, because I obviously carry my weight well.....but I still don't want to weigh this much!

if you are overweight, I would in fact LOVE to look at you

@kumari1 BMI is Body Mass Index