It Really Doesn't Take That Much

I weigh almost 500 pounds.  People, including the medical profession, look and me and think "My God she must eat 20,000 calories a day."  Well it is not true.  I want to say to these ignorant individuals - just do the math.  I am 56 years old.  Just 500 calories a day more than i burn off equals on half pound of weight gained per week.  That's 26 pounds a year and multiply that by just 10 years and you get 260 pounds.  I weighed about 200 pounds at age 20, so I am obviously eating less than the aforementioned 500 daily excess calories.  Thanks all.  I really needed to get that off my chest.

Tupelo Tupelo
56-60, F
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hi,i am 48 yrs old i always felt fat even when i wasnt,but now i am going on 12 yrs now,i cant eat i ounce of anything without it turning into fat,i exersize well enough and still cant eat a bite its so frustrating.

Hi Tupelo. You did not mention what it is that you are eating. In most cases of people with excess weight, they are either eating the wrong foods or not enough throughout the day. Everyone thinks that if one eats less, then one will weigh less. However, that is not true. The metabolism needs to be increased by eating and drinking healthy nutritious food and water. Its easier to have 3-4 healthy snacks with your regular 3 healthy meals a day along with 2-3 liters of water. Along with exercise - weight training especially - you can lose weight and increase your health.


Download the Free weightloss challenge journal. It has meal plans, workout routines, and other info. Drinking 2 liters of water daily will make a big difference in your body and how you feel. Include green smoothies in your diet and it will also start to make you feel better. Also, take advantage of your weight to monetize on it:

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Hi I can help u if u want


I am almost 15 and really worrried about my weight. I am considering surgery. i know alot of you will judge me by this. but i dont care. I am bigger i will get judged as long as i stay bigger to. So it's something i Might as well get used to.

I totally agree.

I like you are a heavy person 250kg not sure what that is in pounds sorry. I have a 20 month old son and I have trouble doing the most simplest tasks my husband helps me alot I am very lucky to have him. Not to offend anyone but I think we are comfortable in our bodys even though we struggle with everyday things its never enough to push us to get up and lose the weight I think alot of us myself included spend alot of time thinking poore me i cant lose weight well I have had all that I can take and I'm gonna do this I have a **** load of weight to lose but I have my family to fight for so I am gonna keep trying and if I fail im gonna get up and try again.... As far as saying you dont walk enough any walking is better then non when you are imobile try not to sleep your days away try to find something to keep your mind occupied. Best of luck to you Cheers Rachael from Oz :)

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I'm glad that you were able to get that off your chest. Sometimes it helps to say some things out loud.

I was sending an email, when my son came into the room... Asked me who i was sending an email to.... I told him i was emailing someone who talked to me in a obese room.... he said those fat people don't care about you...... Idk... what to think... I am making myself walk extra when i get up to go to the bathroom..... Its only 15 steps there and 15 steps back..... To the door ways, not going inside the rooms.... I was going back and forth 3x a couple weeks ago..... Now i am making it to 5x. Is this progress?? don't know..... adding the steps up all together.. its down right pitiful. <br />
90 steps big deal..... when i think of it that way. now i am up to 165 steps.... what have i done to myself.... When i was younger.... I walked to school and back.... my sisters and I would walk every walk-a-thon that was in town. 10 miles or 20 miles we would go.... Believe it or not the 10 miles was always harder, it was always up and down hills.... the 20 was straight.<br />
We walked every where. Now I am just about bed ridden....... Need help getting up out of the bed. Its so sad.<br />
What is really sad. I couldn't make it to my moms memorial... Why because I am so fat, I can't take care of myself. My one sister came from AR to Va. Picked up my other sister and rode to NH together.... Stayed at one of our Aunts house. At first I didn't think I couldn't make because I couldn't afford to go.... Hell paying gas between the three of us... Hell I could afford that.... And staying with relatives instead of a Hotel.... What would of been so expensive. My sisters didn't even tell me this.... Why because she knew I was to fat to go...... <br />
My fat hangs down to my knees, i can't find anything big enough to help support it. If I could just find some kind of support, I would go back to the Y....... I was going to water aerobics. with the older generation... It was fun.... I noticed every time I would get out of the pool, people were starring. Thank goodness the place let me wear shorts and a reg. shirt in the pool.<br />
My mistake was going into the family locker room, My Last Time there, I changed.... looked in the full length mirror they had there..... I just started crying.... I found out what all those people were looking at. My fat hanging down to my knees.... I refused to go out and swim.... I changed back into my reg. clothes and watched the kids swim that day.... I have never been back since.<br />
I find myself saying out loud...... lord just go ahead and take me.......I am so tired of this..... Do I really mean it.... Yes most of the time.... But other times.... We have custody of five grand kids... I would like to be around to see them graduate. I wonder how old can an obese person live. I don't remember seeing an old......FAT!! person. Only old people i see are skinny or chunky... I know my days are numbered...... <br />
How long will it take to lose 200 lbs, then I might be able to have the stomach surgery. Hell by the time I lost the 200 lbs. they will tell me I am to damn old to have the surgery. Then I think why bother..... AM I so far gone, will I be able to get out of the fat. Idk... Am I starting a battle that i can't win.......

Dear Katie. My wife also weighs over 500 lbs. and her fat hangs down to her knees as well. She used to wear a girdle, but can no longer fit into one. Her mother taunted her at a wedding last month: 'You think people don't know how much fat you are hiding beneath that tent you're wearing? I ought to come over there and lift it up so that everyone can see what you've done to yourself with your eating.' Yet day after day I come home and find her sitting in bed, sometimes without any clothes on, wildly stuffing herself with sweets (she will eat a whole cake or pie in one sitting along with ice cream). At night after I go to bed, she sits at the kitchen table for hours devouring Chinese or Mexican food she has delivered to our house. She is sexually impotent and afraid that people will find out that we no longer sleep together, which her mother already knows and taunts her about: 'No man in his right mind would want all that blubber in his bed.'

I re-read what I have posted on here. I fell threw a floor a few months ago... Well one leg went threw the floor. It was hard getting me out of there. Lucky for me Help wasn't called in.... My knee got messed up. Then my doctor sent me to have my leg checked out. That doctor took one look at me and said.... The only reason we would do a MMR on your knee is if you were going to have an operation..... and you don't qualify for that. That SOB didn't even look at my knee. I wouldn't go back to that doctors office again.... They didn't have a chair I could sit in, In the waiting room. My other half had to go down the hospital hall and carry a big *** chair in for me. I went the room by myself and there wasn't a damn chair for me to sit either. I thought my legs were going to give out. So now I do stay in bed 99.9% of the time. I usually need help getting up to go to the bathroom. These past few days I have forced myself to do an extra walk back and forth to the bathroom. Sometimes I can go back and fourth three times.... sometimes only once.... I have noticed I can usually do more in the mornings. I have to.... i would rather die than to be bed ridden for the rest of my life..... We have custody of five grand children and they are being so let down by me...... I would bring my kids to the park.... I was big, but at least I could move around. I feel some times they would be better off with someone else. I really don't understand why they would want to be seen with me, when we did go somewhere. I did go to see a doctor about weight lost surgery....... I am to fat.... Have to lose 200 pounds first...... As far as my eating....... I have cut down... use to have second helpings at dinner, I don't now..... I don't have chips around..... I do have candy close by...... when I take my meds. like I am suppose to..... My sugar goes to low. I have to work on my portion size..... I drink diet soda.... only because of my sugar or I drink ice tea with the fake sugar. I really don't know how much I weigh ..... there are no scales around here.... I don't want to go to a scrap yard to do it. I still cry alot..... Still don't know why any one wants to be around me.

I can hear and feel your pain katiedo2. I have to ask if you are able to find a therapist to talk to. I think you need someone to talk to and possibly you need treatment for depression.

I had an auntie who weighed 500 pounds at age 41 and she died of a heart attack due to being so morbidly obese.........I myself am 47 and already passed the 230 pound mark.........No dieting or exercise has helped so finally I decided to have Vertical Sleeve operation.........i was in the hospital 2 days and sofa lost 15 pounds..........I do not want to end up dead because of my weight thats why i chose surgery........If you love yourself enough and you really want to start a new life without the weight, consider talking to your doctor about the Vertical sleeve operation .....or go to obesityhelp website for info.........I wish it was around when my auntie needed it so i could still have her in my life....

you people that are very large need to walk everyday, that will work wonders...

I want to share my story in hopes that it might help and/or inspire anyone else...<br />
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<br />
I currently have 106 to lose but I am so excited because I FINALLY found something that is helping me lose! LOL. There is hope for us people! We just have to care enough about it to do something about it! :) I found ViSalus about a month ago, and decided to try it. I have tried so many things and nothing ever worked. I figured I would give this one a go because it sounded like it really tasted good and a lot of people that were on this were really losing. After one week being on this I lost 4.5 pounds! It was so easy! I'm not kidding! I was so excited about it that I became a distributor of the products and have now lost 14 of the original 120 pounds that I need to lose and 10.5 inches GONE!<br />
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If what you said is true, shouldn't other people weight in like you?..if u do the math that way?

Katiedo2 I LOVE fat men and fat women! I think their bodies are beautiful and live to cover them with soft caresses and kisses. I am fat too and many skinny and muscular men have chosen me over thin women because they like the gentle softness of my fat curvy body! I am a size 2X and have photos (for friends only) on my page of myself in a bikini! You ought to read the sweet comments from fat admirers on there! You have internalized society's negative feelings about fat and your self esteem has suffered greatly. I wish I could help you feel better. What a tragedy not to adore your own beautiful 500 pound body! Please read some stories in groups on here from people who love getting fatter!

my son drove an hour and a half to spend time with me.......... I dont want to leave my room..... they want a cook out I dont want to go......... I wish they would just go ahead and go and leave me alone. Its so hard for me to get back up the steps when I go down stairs.......... After I get down then I will have to try to get my fat *** in the van........ damn what alot of work. Its just not worth the trouble. Then they just want to feed the whale some more.......... Why bother........... He just dont understand, He left mad......... wouldnt even sit and talk with me.... I am getting alot worse......... I can barely get up and get to the bathroom I wish i could go into a coma for nine months, maybe then I can loose some weight

Oh... my heart aches for you Katiedo2. You deserve so much better than to call yourself a whale. Most people don't realize how uncomfortable and difficult being obese is. I gained most of my weight when I hardly had money for food. The doc couldn't find anything wrong with me. No matter how I try it won't shed. There's more to obesity than food &amp; a lack of exercise. That I know in my heart.

Since my last post my wife has gone from 500 to 480 just by not buying anything that is not good food. Only 1% milk insted of 2,whole wheat not white, frut and vegtables no more cheese poofs, cookies ect. Just don't have junk in the house and you will loose!

I also weigh 500 plus, I sometimes wish for death......... I have fell in my back yard several times.... each time I just sit there and cry. The last time it was raining. I told my better half just to throw a blanket over me and just leave me. I dont know what to do. I am just about bed ridden and I am thinking about signing myself into a nursing home. I dont understand why any one wants to be seen with me. Let alone live with me. He has to do everything.

There's no need to feel that way. If you're at that point you should have lots of motivation. As was mentioned in this story, this person's 500 extra calories a day added up. So even if it seems hard the little things really will count. You could drink water instead of juice or soda, or tweak the things you eat (for instance whole grains, add fruits or veggies to fill up on). And once you start losing weight you'll be on a roll from there. Short walks make a difference, even lifting small weights while you're reading or watching tv, etcetera. I just want you to know above all that it is definitely one of your options. I'm sure you don't want to feel so upset anymore, and you don't have to. Get your spouse to make sure you do these little changes at least, or even do it with you to help you. Trust me though, it's 100% in your reach.

You are so right. My thought is to just add 500 calories of good fiber and nutrition before you eat. Cabbage soup with chicken broth, and tomato, fennel, garlic and salt and pepper. I am going to try this with my significant other an hope it works

Start each day off with a large glass of clear water, and immediately walk as long as you feel comfortable! Do this as many times per day as you can and try to build up a little with each following day. Anyone will lose weight by reading and following the right information; as such, being healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet! There are many good tips on how to achieve permanent weight loss; none of them includes gimmicks, diets, or diet pills. To assist with weight control; keep a daily food journal and every time the urge to snack is felt, first drink a large glass of clear water. It does not hurt to treat yourself with something special once in a while, what is necessary is that you moderate your food portions. Being overweight ******, but after reading a book, I lost 85 pounds! Words can not express how good I feel! This is a comment which I recently received about the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps

glad you got that off your chest as well. the world can be cruel to individuals who are over-weight. people get this image in their heads of how a person is suppose to look, and thats skinny. but, thats not the case. however, being healthy is what is more important. but i hope the best for you and thanks for sharing this=]

Well said Tupelo. You have my respect and admiration. All 450 pounds of it.

some people have slow metabulisms and some fast.<br />
some people are tall and some short.<br />
Its the differences in this world that makes it interesting.<br />
no one is truly beutiful and no one is truly ugly. <br />
we are all incredible creations.