I became obese when i was pregnant for the first time.I was fat and complainned, but now i am obese and suffer in silence.I'm not a native speaker so forgive me all the mistakes i am going to do.

 I quit the university, and stopped all the contacts with my so called friends.I have two boys wich i love more then anithing in my life, but i can't rase them the way i want because i spend most of my time at home. I don't go out much cause i can't stare the look on other peoples faces,my heart bleeds.

So what ever i feel i keep it to myself, actually this is the first time that i speak about this to someone,and it is quite disturbing,i don't know if i'm .......i don't know what i am feealing.

  I am sorry i don't know what to say anymore,my life is a complete pain and i suffer every single day,and i just wanted to contact some people that go through the same.To feel i am not alone in this planet,that i can relate with someone.  

It is very painful to continue, I ,I have to stop for now.

carminda carminda
36-40, F
Feb 7, 2010