So Sad, No End In Site, So So Sad:(

Not sure where to go with this.   I am 6' 6" - 600lbs.    Maybe talking about it will make feel better. Maybe it wont.   I know I am tired, depressed, lost, unmotivated and did I mention depressed.   My life has become full of empty promises to myself.  I just dont care much anymore.   No one around me knows what I am going through.  I have never felt so alone more when I am around people who have no clue.   I try an do things but my body does nto cooperate.  I go for walks and get blistes on my feet  or my knees swell or back goes out.  I know waht most people I saying. (These are excuses!!)  It hurts so much after I do somethign that I cry because I cant move or barely can walk.  Oh, so much sadness So little joy these days.    Recently became unemployed becasue of stupidity.  Cant find good work.  Little money coming in now. Life is closing in around me.   I want all the pains to stop.  Thats all I seems to know now adays.  


I know most people wanting to read this website wants to see motivation to achieve thier own goals of dealing with Obesity but there are those out there to that have been put through alot already and have forgotten how to be motivated.   I never thought me being this big could ever imagine not being seen for who and what I am am when I am in crowds.   So many walls are put up now and not sure if anyone could ever get in. 


I guess I am just tryign to tell you all that if you are able to do things now without pain  Do it Please for Gods sake.  Don't sit there and wait to where its very hard to do because you are way to big and your body is done trying to support the weight.  PLEASE don't end up like me. 


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When you hear people say to you...just cut back a little or watch your portions..thinking that will make it all better. That drives me crazy. i agree that noone will ever understand our own stories or problems unless they have lived them. It is a very lonely place at times but we are not alone. there are so many of us but have have secluded ourselves away from alot of people that it is hard to find one another. Sometimes i just think of baby steps...doing one small thing differently today..and trying to do it again tomorrow. You are not alone.

I decided to reply to your story only by this phrase :" please don't end up like me.".<br />
Guess what... I have said this to others many times.... <br />
I am 177cm weighing 135 kilos. I can always remember myself to be the fat kid, but guess what..... now that I look at the pictures I was not.... I believed I was and that led to depression and I just gave up from the age of 16. <br />
As the time went by I was always putting on weight ( I did eat more than my skinny friend) but really slow. Suddenly I gained 40 kilos in just 1 year. I could not understand why I was putting on so much weight when I checked my thyroid and pancreas and saw I was in serious trouble, My metabolism is for years working at around 40%. That means that a 1200 calorie uptake daily for me is too much! <br />
The worst part is that my metabolism will never go above 50%. So I am stuck to be fat for the rest of my life, My knee hurts when I walk, barely fit into chairs when I go out, and of course I am undesirable. <br />
BUT you know what? Because doctors or people say that I will never be able to loose that weight that doesn;t mean that it is impossible. It is never to late. <br />
I still haven't found the strengh to do something about it.. I am still searching for the "thing" that will make me walk more (even if it is painfull sometimes) eat less and in one sentence " get me out of my couch" . <br />
So the real question is : Your body may be done trying to carry that weight around but what about your mind? <br />
How come you or I can say that we end-ed up? Who decides that? What if you are wrong? What if depression is talking and not you? <br />
How about we support each other in order to lose the weight? Make baby steps.... <br />
A plan I had in mind was eating 1 calorie less a day.... How hard would that be? Would we notice? It is better to do that than nothing. and might I add easy..<br />
What do you think about that? Is it crazy? Should I try it or not?<br />
I don't have the answers and I cannot make you feel better..... YOU can though.. <br />
Make the difference each day even of it is small. <br />

Hello. I'm not really sure what to say. Your story touched me. You are right. People around you don't now how you feel or what you are dealing with unless they are going through a weight struggle like you are. I know what you are going through and I have many down days lately as well. Non-obese people don't understand that feelings get hurt easily, and that sometime a little comfort or a little niceness goes a long way. I am currently 5'3 and 380lbs and I am only 25. i feel as if my body wants to start giving out. I don't have anyone to go to for support, i don't have anyone to walk with me or exercise with me...i'm basically the "black sheep" of my family.. People need to understand that it's things like depression, loneliness, etc. that leads people to become overweight.. well that's what led me to become overweight... I just wish there was more support, or just a friendly person out there to just be a friend and help ...someone a person could walk with, talk with , exercise with... provide that support we need to accomplish our weight loss goals... i wish i could give you and everyone else a hug and let them know that everything will be okay.. With the proper support from a friend or a family member... if you can find one..if i can find one as well... we can lose some of our weight and feel better about ourselves