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           I am a mordibly obese woman.  I have three wonderful, beautiful kids that god has blessed me with.  I feel like when they get old enough to realize how society feels about obese people they will feel embaressed of me.  My whole life has been about my weight, My father has always pressured me to lose weight, by getting me to exercise and walk the lake.  I in no way think that was a bad thing, but the thing that made it horrible was the things he would say to me.  He would tell my how disgusting I was, how noone was ever going to love me, etc.  My BMI now is 49, more then I ever thought I was going to be.  I diet off and on never sticking to a routine.  I can loose 10 lbs in less then two weeks, but I can't stay away from my old habits.  It's effecting my marriage my social life, even going to the store is difficult, because I feel like all eyes are on me. It's difficult to join the gym, or any excersie class because I would feel like the outsider.  I wish there was a group or even a friend that I could work out with or be in this together and make it to our goal. I live in Minnesota and I don't know where or how I can get help. I feel like the doctors don't even understand me.

Mangitas Mangitas
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 29, 2010

that's terrible! No father should ever say anything like that to his child! Aww, I feel bad for you!

i am in the same boat and need a little help and encouragement lol sorry i cant spell verry well tonight . i am a 23 year old mother of 2 kids and i feal the same way you do about them fealing embarrased about my weight my marrage is also falling apart because of my weight i need major help and cant seem to push myself into doing it even tho i am always being put down for it i feal he should love me fat or skinny ? am i wrong and selfish for that?