Im Tired Of Being Tired

Last week my Boss told me that he needed to talk to me. He said I could no longer drive the company vehicle because I was to large. I  work at a prison and I patrol the outer perimeter fence in a 1998 chevrolet Lumina . This vehicle has 295,000 miles on it.. Last week when I was not in the vehicle the steering wheel broke. I know they blamed me because Other employees overheard several conversations with the supervisors. One supervisor has wanted me out of this job for years and now she had what she needed . The steering broke and of course I was blamed. I am morbidly obese. I weigh about 500 pounds. I am 6' 4" tall. I now must work inside the prison because of my size.. I patroled for 15 years off and on with no problems... I am very embarrased, mad, ashamed, and tired of being ridiculed because Im so big. Most large people already know this but chairs in public places are to small for me. I stand at the dr office until im seen. I dont go to baseball games or concerts. I would never fly on a plane because I know other passengers would be offended. Im married to a wonderfull woman, but she didnt sign up for this. Actually neither did I. My employee insurance will not pay for weight loss surgery of any kind. I worry about dieing young. Being obese robs you of your energy and your self esteem. I feel utterly alone .

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Hi I'd like to help u lose weight

Take a measure of yourself.... what do you want, when do you want it by, and then plan out how you're going to achieve that. It came on a pound at a time, so it has to come off the same way. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! Everyday is a struggle brother, but remember this. The guy walking around the track is lapping everyone one the couch.

Slow and steady weight loss is the way to go> I lost 100# in 2 years. I am 9 months into my 4th year of keeping it off. I still have to work at it every day. It is worth it. I am healthier then I have ever been. In 4 weeks I will be participating in another race, The Broad Street run. Last year I walked the 20 miles in 2 hours. My life has changed. Your life will change too!

Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement. I have already begun my journey to lose weight. I agree with you all and feel that losing this dreadful weight is going to happen. Your comments have helped me alot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....Butch Johnson

I have trouble sleeping because my stomach gets in my way. It's hard to find a comfortable position and I'm only about 40 pounds overweight for my height. I can't begin to imagine the difficulties you must be forced to endure. My wife has food sensitivities (thankfully she's not gluten intolerant, but she can't eat wheat, corn or milk). I do most of the cooking and have learned a great deal about how to cook for food sensitivities. Because there's no point in trying to maintain separate diets, I eat what she eats and have noticed that her diet is really good for me. Because I'm genetically at risk for diabetes we recently gave up sugar (we're sweetening with Xylitol and/or stevia products). Giving up sugar has had a couple of interesting side effects; she was able to stop taking hormone replacements without suffering from menopausal symptoms (where previously missing one pill had instant, unpleasant results) and I've started losing weight. I'm not shedding it fast; I'm only losing about a pound a month, but it's coming off painlessly without my having to worry about, or even notice it.<br />
<br />
When I was a kid, Italian people were the stereotypes for fat human beings in America. That's changed. These days Americans are, all over the world (even in America), the stereotypes for fat human beings. I can't help being an American, I was born here, but being fat is my own fault and only I have the power to change that. Losing weight won't keep me from dying, but it may well give me a lot more years to enjoy living.

Sue the MFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can!!! YOU SHOULD!!!<br />
SUE the mfs and with the money get the operation!<br />
My best friend since the 7th grade was 400 pounds and she<br />
recently got the gastric bypass surgery and she has lost 100 punds in<br />
2 months :)! Be positive!! Sue the mfs of find a way of geting the operation!<br />
Start by eating healthier, no more fast foods and candy :)!

They cannot fire you. That would be discrimination. But they can try their damnest to get you to quit. I'm very surprised that your insurance won't pay for the surgery. However, men tend to lose weight very quickly -much faster than women- so, if you put your mind to it, eat healthy and exercise you will be surprised how fast it will come off. <br />
<br />
Good luck. ~dar xx

Your not alone my friend, general society today is made up of mostly shallow people who think nothing of verbally telling the morbidly obese that they are visually offensive. Their day will come, and what goes around comes around, Karma, God, give it any name, but know your loved by people who care about the person you are and not by the physical appearance which fades in every human in time. Hugs!