Odd, But True!

During the day, I'm sorta creative. But my huge and grand ideas, come to me at night! For example, when I created a website dedicated to my best pals... the idea came to be in the night. I was settling down and listening to one of my favorite songs, of the anime "Trigun", on my ipod. And suddenly I thought of the kindness and friendship of Philip and Sharon. And a website came to mind... all of the html and graphic layouts, everything! By morning, i already knew exactly what I wanted to do. It was all planned into my mind, so all I had to do was collect and create the graphics for it... and then write out the html and i-frames and php codes.

Took me two days to throw that one together, though it looks like it took weeks to make that site. =p

And it's the same for many creative projects of mine. My ideas for fictional stories, they happen in the night, often in the bathtub. And my ideas for websites, they also happen in the night. During the day, I am a blank, but something about the darkness of the night... I get more poetic and more creative then. :-)

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Mar 22, 2009