Sometimes I think I give the impression that I am very together and unemotional.  It's not an image I particularly cultivate at all, but I do have quite a solid persona in real life and those who know me consider me very strong and steady. 

I am strong ... that's not a front ... but I also have a very weak and emotional side.  I rarely show it to anyone, I tend to keep it pretty well hidden.  I feel things very deeply and will avoid speaking about a certain subject if it's hurting me ... because I really don't want to become emotional. 

I have come a long way in the past 12 months or so in being able to admit vulnerability.  It's still a work in progress ... there are still things I find it very difficult to confront head on.  But often I feel I could break down and cry ... sometimes when speaking to someone face to face or on the phone ... I will quickly change the subject ... it's just that I know if the floodgates opened ... I'd probably cry for days.
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thank you AAL you are one of my favourite hug merchants ... ((hugs)) back.

Yes you're right Bob ... I had to learn that those who love us will give us those hugs when we need them. Accepting unconditional love from others has been tough, but I'm getting there. ((hugs)) to you too.