Not Sure

i have questioned myself about this frequently.
I think i would like to think of myself as bi but to be honest , although i love looking at girls and looking at guys doesn't do it for me, when it comes to sex I  love having it as Chrisitne with a guy.
si bi or gay? who knows
christinemelody christinemelody
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

I get turned on by the sight of lovely women, but handsome men do nothing for me at all. I would love to be taken by women with strap-ons and like the idea of having a real one in me. Kissing women is good, but the idea of kissing a man makes me cringe. I think I would be able to enjoy sex with men if I was blindfolded.

I have to agree looking at men does nothing for me also, but for sex it's different

It is so


I have pretty much figured out over all the years that I am a straight heterosexual woman ... I want a man!

Yes, same here. When your factor in a lifetime of deep desires to be a bride/wife, to have a man make love to you and to become pregnant; while not being attracted to women sexually what other conclusion is there.

Yes! Yes! Yes! My fate was sealed a long time ago.