I Dumb Myself Down

I dumb myself down for people. I've always been a really smart girl, but whenever I talk to people they tell me that I'm "just way too smart for me" and that I shouldn't "talk so smart." It makes me feel really horrible, so I always play it off like I'm less intelligent so I can fit in with people. It's really stupid of me to do, I know I should be proud to be smart. But I just wish I was around people that I could have a normal, intelligent conversation with and not be told that I'm "way too smart" to be someone's friend.

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it might make them feel so stupid to be around u that it hurts. i mean they are born the way they are and u are born the way u are. u both might be feeling some what the same thing just different. u say u have to dumb down for ur friends, while they might be upset because they way u talk intimidates them. i dont know the exact situation, but thats how i feel. it makes me sad that i am so stupid, even tho i try 2 times harder than everyone else, i cant understand intelligent people. ya know? its only my awareness that im stupid, do i feel like they are purposely pointing out that they are that much smarter than me. when in fact, they are just being them. i was just wondering if u saw it from someone else perspective. i except smart people for who they are, i just cant keep up, like u guys cant slow down. and its really hard when u like someone a lot, but u just cant reach them on that level.

I have this same problem. The only other way to attract like-minded people is to be yourself.

yeah, I have the exact same problem... lately, I've just been so frustrated that it comes out and I deliberately talk above people. If they can't accept me for who I am, I don't want anything to do with them... I hope you can find a way to deal with your issues, too.. I know I can't

You are so welcome!

Yknot, thank you so much for that comment :) It makes me feel a lot better. Really, thank you :)

My wish for you is that you never, ever feel like you have to dumb yourself down for anybody else in your life. You are your own woman - and intelligence is both beautiful and admirable. No one has the right to dictate your thoughts, and freedom of ex<x>pression is yours, to do with as you desire (as long as you don't hurt anyone... I don't think they're going to be injured by your expansive vocabulary!). Be proud, sister! And know that there are people in the world who crave conversation and friendship with other intelligent people.

Thank you all for the nice comments. :) I really do hope that I can find some people on EP that I can relate to.

that must be hard..I often catch myself wondering if what I'm about to say is going to come off as over-intelligent- as if people will think that I'm *trying* to sound smart, even though I'm not, that's just how I express myself sometimes..

What a genuinely unfortunate environment to find yourself in. There are many, many people in the world who appreciate and want to engage with others <i>for</i> their intelligence. If nowhere else, hopefully you may find such people here. :)

good luck on finding friends that u share the same "frequency" with... i guess some of the people around u are juz jealous of your wits or maybe u unintentionally blurt "smart" stuff that offend them... hope that helped...