Selective Idiocy May Pay Loads Eventually (S.I.M.P.L.E.)

Playing Dumb?  I've elevated it to an art form.  Thus far, it's been a necessity, but I'm hoping it'll pay off big one of these days! :-)

Reasons I dumb down daily:

1.  People often expect it of me based on my outward appearance.  (what can I say?  I enjoy the private joke!)
2.  I can often get great intel if the person I'm speaking to thinks I won't know what to do with it.
3.  Easier to control a threatening or power play situation if the other player feels superior.
4.  I don't want to get my *** kicked . . . again.
5.  I got tired of people saying "What was that word you used?  I'm gonna look it up .. . "
6.  Your boss is so sure you're an idiot, she feels you constantly exceed expectations.
7.  No one asks you to do hard stuff, so you have time to do all the stuff you WANT to do.
8.  Your intended sexual target(s) think(s) THEY caught YOU.
9.  Someone else always gets blamed --- 'cause YOU couldn't have thought up that humdinger!
10.  Someone else always gets credit (no uncomfortable spotlight) -- 'cause YOU couldn't have thought up that humdinger!  (this requires the person credited to play along, tho).

So all in all, playing dumb has its benefits  (Sarah Palin.  Need I say more?). True, it's hard to win fame or rule the world that way.  But who cares? As long as the minds of folks like me are behind folks who do . . .  right??? ;-)

Disclaimer: to those would-be opportunists who see in this type of chicanery, unlimited potential -- I should note that its utility is shaky, at best, with the truly gifted. My ruse HAS been outed, on occasion, by the sharp observer, and (unfairly!)  likened to a fraud.  At such times, one may be challenged to step up to the plate and meet herculean expectations.  Just between us?  It can be a relief, actually -- and sometimes quite rewarding. :-)

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I have an acquaintance, a lovely young blonde, whose whole family love to go to Vegas.
She picks a table with lots of guys and lets them think she is a silly blonde....and then wins the pot! She has such fun doing it!

You use what you have to the best of your ability. Go for it!
I assume that you figure out quickly when a man really goes for an intelligent woman and then you can let go with the ruse.
Would love to be at a party with you and watch! What fun.

Wow... this story is FIVE years old! I hadn't realized I'd been on EP that long. Hate to admit it - - but five years is apparently a significant amount of time for some things. Haven't used or needed to use this ruse in quite awhile.

That is wonderful to hear! Why hide that delicious mind?


Ha! Thanks all for the comments. I have to admit, on re-read, I feel kinda bad. I fear I may have come off a tad arrogant. Didn't mean to. *rueful smile* Oh well . . .

Good list, dude. <br />
<br />
If people know your true strength, it's harder for them to underestimate you. Playing dumb has a lot of potential for practical application, especially when it comes to outcome manipulation.

uuuuummmmmm....... I think I'm gonna laugh about this as soon as I 'get' it.... soon as I look up chicanery...<br />
(30 mins later...) ha ha ha ha....tee hee...<br />
<br />
<br />
(very cute! thanks for the giggle)

Oh, and by the way. In elementary school/middle school/ high school....were you the kid sitting next to the kid who always got caught laughing? I was......

I always say "I'm blonde for a reason!" and have used blondness as an excuse AND IT WORKS (sorry there, vibe..not sure if that one will work for you, but you are welcome to try it!)

*nods in camaraderie* Thnx Feasibility! :-)<br />
<br />
@ salar1 ---> Me?? "sarcasm??!!" Uhhhhh . . . I gotta look up that word. What does it mean?? ;-)

did I see a dash of cunning and a smugin of sarcasim between those lines C ?