I Always Act Dumberer Than I Am.

It's the only way to seem amiable in some (most?) situations. I mean--you've got your everyday, average people with nothing better to do than cluck about supramundane bullshit, the pseudo-intellectuals and the know-it-all renaissance-man wanna-be dumbshits who just like to hear their own voices, and so many others who will argue to the death over subjects about which they know nothing.

It's like if you say a single meaningful, thoughtful thing or stand up for an opinion armed with actual facts, experience and sense--you're met with blank stares, rolling eyes and sidelong sneers.
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@WBOG:<br />
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Yes, amiable.

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Yes. Yes, I do.

TGG - dude! You left out "getting 'the look'"! And I KNOW that YOU KNOW what I'm talking about!

So, amiable huh?

If ONLY it were that simple :)<br />
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*laughing* It's lonely out there, ain't it? I s'pose the key is to find a clutch of likeminded folks and high-tail it to that enclave as often as one can! Welcome to EP! :-)