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When I spill my guts here and talk about all the jobs, careers, etc that I've done I sound like a really big smart ***.  I may be that too, but I don't usually talk about all this with coworkers.  iI have no friends so don't have to worry about that.  I'm going to work on friends one of these days.  It's on the to do list.  My son is the really smart one though, genius, great musician, was studio musician for Lloyd Thaxton (sp?), played in a band for several years until he got tired of booze and groupies.  Intelligent means you have the ability to learn if you're taught well and pay attention.  Most of us would fit that description.  Most of us are shy and withdrawn and don't ask questions because we don't want others to learn that we don't know something.  They are sitting there with their mouths shut, just like us, wanting to learn something but afraid to out themselves as not knowing so they just smile and nod when someone says somethings.  That's not a life!  You never learn until you ask a question. The person you ask just may be able to explain it much easier than reading a book.  I love books but some things need to be experienced.  Reading a book about the Grand Canyon, even looking at pictures of it isn't the same as standing on the bluffl, looking down at it or hiking or riding a donkey down the side!  Life is for the living.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 4 Responses Apr 8, 2008

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Yes, it's really satisfying to see someone help themselves.

Yes I help with ESL myself.<br />
It was so rewarding.<br />
I love to work with people <br />
who want to excell.

It's a shame. I taught ESL in private schools in Japan and had enthusiastic students. I taught it in a university here and it was a joke.

I honestly don't think I ever asked a question in class to look good. I wanted to know the answer so I asked. I asked a lot because there're a lot of things I want to konw.