No Need to Show Off ...

I know everybody likes to be admired smart & Intelligent

Me either But I dont wanna show off that I am one

Intelligence is there and you know it

Wise man said ... "Foolish says he is smart but Smarter says he is fool"

So Yeah ... I dig that ...

DollyDiva DollyDiva
26-30, F
3 Responses Jul 20, 2009

Its the wise man's word .. you have a right to agree or disagree .. thats why we are human .. bc we think .. regards ..

i am absolutly disagree that...<br />
<br />
if someone know something he has to act accordingly, or if he acts again he is not known that calls foolishness...<br />
<br />
so what u know comes from ur action and emotion..<br />
<br />
regards<br />
<br />
<br />
varese - dubai

haha thats okay for me too :)<br />
<br />
THks .. ! & Nice day