I read body language as easily as I read words.  When what's said orally and physically differ, I'll react to what is said...and remember what was unsaid.  Lips can lie, bodies usually do not.  I hold this knowledge to myself; it's pointless to call people out on the subtle lies they tell, the nervousness they try to hide.  I see, I remember, and I plan accordingly.
MossAgate MossAgate
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Little gestures, eye movements and subtle throat clearing are some of the clues.

I'm the same as you, what I tend to look out for is those fleeting ex<x>pressions that flicker across faces...they can be both the most revealing things to look for and the hardest to spot, bl<x>ink and you'll miss them but see them and they can hold a wealth of information because they cannot be controlled unlike other body language.