Stop Your Lies

I see a lot, walking around, in school, at work. I see what most cant, an ability gained through years of isolation.That girl at work, with that group of people, always saying, "Im happy" But when I see it, in her eyes, shes lying. I know she is truly sad on the inside. I see the fake smile she puts on to get by, and I know it is fake because I know what the real smile looks like.
But I don't show that I know that, I'm just, your friend. I am what you need, but that is not who I really am. I am not hiding, but I am waiting. I prefer to have the advantage in you thinking I'm as weak as you think I am. Not the girl, but the people who think they have control.
And you who I call my friend, I've caught your lies, more than enough times and you wonder why I just nod my head as you try to feed me your BS to mold a fake image of yourself. Truth is, do what you want, i wont judge you, Build your empire with a false foundation.

Most who try to figure me out, and are looking into me, don't realize that I'm looking straight back at them

You wont be able to figure me out, when even I cannot figure myself out, and in that is where my protection is.
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1 Response Apr 17, 2011

i understand