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My friend (T): How do I look in this new dress?
Me: Umm...nice?
T: Are you sure I don't look fat in it?
Me: You look normal to me.
Another Friend: DUDE, she looks horrible in blue! ARE YOU BLIND?!

T: Is my eyeliner smudged?
Me: It's fine.
Another friend: You can't even see the eyeliner. It got rubbed off. -__-
Me: Oh really? O_o   *looks closer and thinks it still looks the same
Me: I didn't notice. =/

T: DUDE, Guy 1 asked Girl 1 out. 
Me: Oh okay.
T: You could've been a bit more enthusiastic. -_-
Me: I don't even know them. =/
T: *face-palms*

T: Have I lost weight?
Me: Ermm...  :S 
T: Nevermind. -_-

I'm laid back and easy going. Kinda lazy too. I love playing video games. Not sissy games like Sims 2 (though I do play it when I've got nothing else), but stuff like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Kingdom Hearts - anything that doesn't have too much action and makes use of strategy. I like anime/manga. 

I hate shopping for clothes. But send me to a video game or music store and I can spend all day in it. Pop culture, tweens, girly music makes me gag. Rock/Metal music FTW! 

Horror movies ROCK. Chick-flicks = lame. Though I'll watch the good ones once in a blue moon.

My shoes or bags NEVER match with my clothes. My mom's more fashion conscious than I am. She has shoes and bags for EVERY outfit.-.-

Thinking of going to the beauty parlour makes me cringe. I don't want to get my eyebrows plucked or have my arms waxed. Owww. >:(

I was never fascinated by Edward in Twilight. I found him gay. I never daydreamed about a celebrity or made it my life-long goal to have lil celeb babies with them....but fictional characters are a different matter. eheh. *shifty eyes*

I don't make pervy remarks out loud (only with my best friend), but you really don't want to get in my head. :P  This quiz at blogthings said my mind is NC-17. *coughs violently*

Got a new haircut? Huh, where? I'll never notice. o.o

I act like I don't see people I'm slightly acquainted with just so I don't have to make small talk. I absolutely hate small talk. It's so fake. 

I never realise it when a guy's flirting with me. =/  I'm completely oblivious to hints. +_+

Commitments scare me. =/  I know I'll mess them up somehow. =[

Romance novels? Bleh. Horror/fantasy/adventure/sci-fi novels? GIVE THEM TO ME NOW!

I have my girly moments sometimes but no one will ever call me a total girly-girl. =D
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I loved Age of Empires too. :D I used to play it all the time!

I could be the "Me" in those conversations haha. I'm a horrible girl. And so many other girls get so offended if you miss even the slightest change in their hairstyle...this one girl dyed her hair so it was more of a reddish brown and gestured at herself, saying "Well?" and I was just clueless. "Um why did we stop walking?" "Ugh! My hair!" "Did you get gum in it? The good news is that I can't see it. What did you use to get it out?" Like, I really didn't know what I was looking for.<br />
<br />
I never got into video games (my family wouldn't get a gaming console) but my first favorite PC game was Age of Empires, along with Chessmaster 5500 lol...strategy games ARE the best.