one of my best friends took me out a few weeks ago b/c she wanted to treat me ... being raised around man i just picked of the things man should do... so when she came and pick me up i could not help but open her car door. then when we went shopping i open the door held her bags as she did her thing we went to get something to eat i just picked the check up and did not think a thing about it tell she said you act better then my bf... i brushed it over my shoulder and got in the car...she asked did i want to see a movie i said "sure" go the movies she gets mad b/c she wanted to pay so i said yes and just treated her to the snake bar...( she got mad once i paid for her stuff and mine).... lol i told GG what happen and she got mad at me for not being bi or gay so i could be hers lol
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I have when i was young