Serious Case Of Tomboy...

I've got short hair, terrible table manners, some noticeable muscle on my arms (toned though), I dress in guy's clothes, and love sitting on my *** playing video games instead of out shopping for clothes. Yup, the only part of me that's girly is my height and voice. I'm kinda short, and my voice is a bit too high-pitched to be a guy's. But, then again, some people just assume I'm a young boy who hasn't hit puberty yet >.> That kinda offends me for many reasons....but I won't go into that right now........

I've learned to live with it though. Girl's clothing just isn't comfortable for me, and video games is a part of my life! I only go shopping for clothes if Mom manages to drag me out of the house, I lift weights to tone my arms and strengthen them because I don't like having weak stick arms... *shivers*... doesn't feel right to me. My long hair irritated me so I cut it, and now my head feels a whole lot lighter. As for the table manners, my folks never really cared that much to teach me. They think it's good to burp because you get air out (and you won't feel as bloated later). And hey, I do still manage to squeeze in 'excuse me' most of the time!

This is just who I am, so..........*shrugs*
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2011

Wow. I admire that you've broken away from the norm. Personally I dislike the way much of the world has developed cultures where ideal femininity is so... fake. All the top models have to have just the right curves and features, then la<x>yer on make-up and even photo editing after that. Because these idols appear in so much media too, they have a large effect as role models to younger adults and children.<br />
I don't think any of that is necessary. There are so many more qualities to a person than their appearance. Our society has become a little bit twisted in devaluing this and having prejudice against those who don't follow the norm. There shouldn't be any reason to be embarrassed about being yourself and dressing or acting however you like.<br />
<br />
One thing I've really never understood is high heels. Aren't they incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to walk in? Do women feel that strong a need to be taller?<br />
<br />
Anyways, I'd love to know more about you. PM me if you feel like chatting. =)

HA! This sounds much like myself ;]<br />
I love playing video games. Especially like Halo and COD and all those lovely games mostly associated w/ guys. I tend to act like a guy sometimes and what irks me to no end is when people ask me if I'm a lesbian. I usually only get that from my parents as a joke but after a while I'm like, come on! I like how I am but if I act how I like I'm pegged as a lesbian? Not cool =/ I also hate shopping. Unless its shoes and even then I don't shop for high heels or any of those feminine type stuff. I like sneakers and high backed shoes.<br />
Neat tho! Its cool to know there's someone similar to me! X]