All The Time..

well i dont dress like a man or anything but i act just like boys sometimess... Im all about sex, i like when girls lay on me or hold on to me. im really tall so its easy for them to hold on to me and i lovee that.! i really like *** i look at them alot. iF i see an attractive girl, instead of thinking, 'hmm shes pretty' i think, 'damnn she's fine or man she is sexy af'! i do have my girl moments thoughh. Im Bi soo theres alot of boys im attracted too, i love to just lay with the person i like and talk alll day, i love wearing bright colorss, im always getting my hair done, i cry during sad movies....but yeah the pooint is im like semi- tom-boy. When i was younger i was definatly a tom-boy...i played football at the boys and girls club all the time, i hated skirts dresses and i always wore a hat. good thing i grew outta that though :p

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same here,i also like when my friends hold me =) feels great, but Im straight ,maybe,,, lol =)

I can relate to this, except I was never attracted to boys..<br />
<br />
But I grew up in a family where all of my siblings, cousins, are males..<br />
<br />
<br />
so that makes me one of the boys.. =)