Wedding Suit

So I was going to my cousins wedding. We went to go try on bridesmaid dresses and the woman gave each of the other girls their dresses to try on. We were supposed to have my cousins gay boy best friend come with us but he got a cold and couldnt come. The maid of honor called in ahead and said one of our party couldnt come. So she passes all the girls their dresses and she goes to a different area in the store. She comes back with my dress in a bag and hands me the guys suit. She then proceeds to give the maid of honor the dress and tells her to give it to the girl who was supposed to wear it. I tried on the suit :P
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2012

did it fits and feel good/

at least you try and have fun too i guess...

really wow why does everyone ask you to wear it i guess everyone knows that your on both gender ha,ha,ha

then thats it hhhmmm good for you!

I bet you looked handsome!

Good attitude! I'm sure some wouldn't have handle it with such grace :)