Although I Am Very Feminine

Although most people think I am a girlie girl there are some things that are more like a guy than girla about me.  I love to wear jeans and a baseball cap turned backward.  I love basketball shorts; the long ones. I love spending time in the gym working out.  I love to ride motorcycles and I love to do it dangerously sometimes. I think that is because I am not ready to grow up yet.  I love to walk barefoot in the mud.  I had rather spend time with almost any man than a woman.  The only exception to this is my bestest girl HBY and my two other Best girls CMR and Snowy. I love to go fishing and although you want see me killing one I love to go in the woodss with my father along with my camera.  I loved to shoot the animals with a camera and he loved to shoot them with a gun.  (I live in the South...Okay?) I love working on cars with my guy friends. I wouldn't say I am great at it but I do know what the majority of tools do and I make a cute, if nothing else, assistant.  I love driving tractors. I grew up on a farm and my father had me driving the tractors from an early age.  I enjoy all of this but while I am doing these things I am pure woman.  I do it while smelling pretty, looking pretty, feeling pretty. and just in general being pretty. 

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What did your wedding dress look like Mother?


Thanks, you too.

Go for it! You are doing the pick-and-choose of life. Have fun!