There Should Be a Reverse For This Too

I mean I am a guy but I am "spiritually" or whatever word works for you (the reader) more a girl than a guy at times.  Or I could just say I'm really in touch with my feminine side. I'm straight (so gay guys don't message me - no offense to you) and I love girls, but there are several aspects of my personality that sometimes come across or feel more feminine to me. If I had a choice to go back and change my sex at birth, I think I just might rather be a girl. I'd definitely be into girls if that could happen. Sometimes, I really hate being a guy and feel limited by it. I hope this little story of mine isn't taken the wrong way.

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4 Responses Aug 10, 2008

I completely understand and yoru story hasn't been taken the wrong way from me. I think it makes you a strong person to be able to share this story and i think many men are in the same boat as you. It makes me sad that you feel like being a man limits you and automatically sets boundaries...

I make a ton of connections with songs that are written from a female perspective more than songs written from male ones too. The clothing too. I watch a lot of romantic comedies and usually side with the female character. Although in Serendipity I could relate to both characters evenly. I could probably say the same about a few others but not many.

never. at least you are honest. =)

Kudos to you for being in touch with your feminine side. Men like appreciate us women more. And that's ALWAYS good. I think all men should try to find their feminine side...I think it's healthy.