Don't Know If This Really Counts.

I mean I'm a girl inside and outside. I like make-up, high heels, and all that usual stuff. But my personality is really...aggressive. Like I'm really spontaneous and kind of aggressive at times. And REALLY blunt. Some guys have described me as a go-getter and a person who does what she says. But they also joke around and say, "You know guys have two balls but you have 3".

Do I take that as a compliment? Lol I don't know. Some people describe my personality as more manly than others. And my name rhymes with man so people call me -my name- the man (privacy issues...sorry) :P I know they mean well but sometimes I wonder why can't I be shy and just......a normal girl? Lol people say I look so innocent on the outside but on the inside I'm a man. -_-

Also, I do listen to hip hop and rap (i.e. Eminem) so people hear my music and they tell me that I'm even more of a man because of it.

DrMeemersworth DrMeemersworth
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I can kinda relate =p

Really? How so? [If you don't mind me asking, that is]

How people perceive you is the same as me. Dude, even guys are scared of me sometimes =p I'm also blunt and aggressive. I LOVE Eminem-he's raps are so ******* dope B) I not that social but my female friends treat and refer to me like a dude-ironically enough my closet girls friends are all feminine and stuff =p I posted a story on this group. just search it =)

Nice. Haha I've come to slowly accept it. Not quite there but it's who I am, I guess. Lol this might pose as a problem to guys though because some guys don't like it when the girl is dominating. =P But I can't help it. Haha I guess I either need to find a guy that's more dominating (which I don't even know is possible) or find a guy that's calm enough to keep me grounded. x]