But I still act like a girl but most of my actions are boyish . I hate siting like girls . My soft voice is beautiful but I just use it in singing and all the time I talk not in a boyish voice but a bold voice . I hate wearing clothes like girls I love jeans and t-shirts . But in the end I'm a girl .
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Haha I totally get that. 99% of my friends are guys and the only time I wore a dress was for prom (I wanted to go for a tuxedo with high heels but my mom didn't want me to haha). Being more of a boy than a girl isn't a bad thing, as long as you try to keep a certain etiquette in public ;) I think that just make you unique haha. It's cool that you don't seem afraid to show how you really are.


You sound like a cool chill person. Lol