But So Not Butch

I admit it.  I'm a board certified Tom Boy!  Proud of it frankly.  I just never wanted to be limited by societies stereotypes of what they say men can do over and above women (and visa versa).  Consequently, I've never been afraid to get my hands dirty.  In fact, in my much younger 20's and early 30's I did a lot of underground wild cave exploration and rapelling into deep pits.  I was definitely hanging (literally) with the big dogs back then.

Though, I do have to say that I love love love my girly side.  Love getting my nails done...  drooling to get my first spring pedicure.  Put me in a skirt with freshly shaven tan legs...  hmm hmm do I feel pretty.

~ now where did I put that oil pan ~

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Oh NDD - you have no idea what you are saying. It so aint pretty.. haha

Well, Drew I may consider some leniency in your case (would I get to watch?)

Remind me not to get on your bad side newdaydog!<br />
<br />
~ note to self: no ******* in the sink ~

Anyone ******* in my sink is going to get a cast iron frying pan upside their head - no discrimination, male or female, I'm gonna lay you out!

Please explain the Orion reference elixor..<br />
~so daft~


Oh my lilt... I can't back down from a challenge... (I was real fun to have around during those 'truth or dare' games we played as kids.).... Good thing we don't get snow here in Nashville.<BR><BR>D10 - I WISH I was good at sports way back when.. I'm still traumatized from being the fat girl last picked for teams.. boo hoo... <BR><BR>Now, the sink thing... FOR REAL... WHO DOES THAT? Is there really such a shortage of toilets.... go off the deck (something else I REALLY HATE)...<BR><BR>Guys can be very very gross with their bathroom habits, indeed..<BR><BR>~ washes hands ~

Gee Drew, too bad you can't write your name in the snow.

A bad *** girl in heels.. hm... sounds kinky.. <br />
<br />
~ ****** in sink ~<br />
<br />
Um.. just now Elixor... Somehow I don't think it's as good an experience as you guys have.. but, I'm not one to be told I Can't Do It.. <br />
(where's the towel)


Me too! Especially when it comes to things like "how many times a day men think about sex" (I am worst than most boys, haha). :)<br />
<br />
I love a badass girl who can do it all in heels. Rock on.

Oh yeah, I come from a long line of blue collar, fixer of things family(electricians, pipe fitters, mechanics). somehow granny's quilting parties did not appeal to me like melting metal with pappys sodering gun... I still remember the smell of that melting lubricant wax...<BR><BR>~ ugga / oh yeah ~

Oh yes, it is great to have a "hero" save you. My father made me learn how to check battery cables, change oil, change tires, and do basic car analysis and repair before he would allow me to get my driver's license. I was so mad at him back then but I appreciate it today. I bet I can change the oil and get that filter off faster than most guys on a new car because my hands are smaller than most guys so I can get up in there easier.<br />
<br />
I am such a girlie girl though. If I get nasty I have to go get clean up fast. I go four wheeling and get mud all over me, but I have to go home to get the bubble bath and scrub it off right after. I guess i am a little bit of both. You know that is part of growing up in the country Drew.

ty MU and Myo... I'll take some of that natural oil... dry as a bone.....<BR><BR>Although I Can do the 'guy' things... actually changed a tire not too long ago, but it sure is nice having a 'hero' there... come to the rescue when life takes a crap on me.

I need an oil pan - for my face...