Suffering In Silence...

I like to keep my thoughts and feelings quiet. I've been hurt and betrayed by people in the past, people who I thought were really close, reliable and trustworthy. I guess it's just in my nature now to only share small amounts of information and only if or when I'm properly pushed into a situation where I can't avoid it. I suppose I protect myself by being the suffer in silence type. People can't abuse your trust or hurt you if you never supply them with the ammunition they would need to do it.

I even keep the majority of my thoughts, feelings etc hidden and closely guarded from the tiny amount of people who are closest to me. My family don't even really ask me probing questions anymore they usually seem far more interested in talking about themselves and their own problems - which suits me fine! I've been with my boyfriend for a long time so he just sort of understands that suffering in silence is kind of one of my strongest personality traits. He accepts that sometimes I just want to keep quiet, he's satisfied that I know he's always there for me if I do feel the need to talk to someone.

So I guess for me, being more the suffer in silence type helps me to protect myself from being hurt by other people and also allows me to protect the people closest to me from being hurt as a consequence of what I am thinking or feeling. I am generally a very private person anyway, so to me it makes sense to let some things go unspoken.
TwistedEmber TwistedEmber
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Thanks very much. I just tried to write it exactly as I see it and explain how it works well for me but I really appreciate you saying that you liked it.