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For over a year i have been feeling sadness, loneliness, ive been anxious about everything and i cry a lot for reasons unknown. I had a great childhood and i have a good family too. I guess i have been feeling unhappy with my life. I feel like i have no one to talk to about this. My friends never notice any changes in my mood. Im really good at hiding my feelings. I want to tell my boyfriend but i dont know how. His mum.has depression and he has helped her out over many years but i dont know how to tell him. I dont want to tell my parents becuase out of me and my two brothers me and my older brother are always the strongest in the family and we keep the positive attitude in the the family. Im sick of sitting in my room silently crying and feeling like there is no hope out there for me. My boyfriend is the only person i can trust, apart from my family, because we extreamly close and i only trust him with the problems i have in my life. He makes me happy and makes me feel like im not as worthless. I.really need advice please anything will.help. I cant keep this to myself for much longer. Its slowly killing me.
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You're welcome, it is nice to know there are others like us, huh? :)

Hello just wanted to let you know that i got to tell my boyfriend today and he has promised to help me through this. He also helped me gather up some courage to tsll my mum who also suffers from depression and im glad i have because i can talk to someone who has been through it and more. Thank you so much again for the advice :)

no problem, I am so glad he is willing to help you. People are usually more caring than we think sometimes, especially if we are depressed - we tend to interpret things more negatively :)

Hi Stephy, you are very lucky to have such a caring boyfriend. I would suggest talking to him because he is already aware of what depression is and what people with depression can be like. He may already have an idea that you are depressed. Telling people will help lift the burden. You could just say something like "I think I may have depression and I don't know how to tell you." If you feel you would rather talk to a more objective person you can try a doctor, counsellor, clergy or someone like that. You would be surprised at how caring they are, because they deal with depression often. It is much more prevalent than people think. Good luck. You do not need to suffer in silence. There are millions of us :)

Thank you so much for commenting. I will be telling him next time i see him which should be soon. I really hate keeping things from him as we tell each other almost everything. i'm considering telling one of the counslors at the college i go to. But again thank you for the advice i just didnt know what to do earlier. Its cheered me up a bit too knowing that people like you are here to help me on this page its a comfort.