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I dont really like talking about my problems. It just makes me depressed and talking doesnt solve anything...I hate it. I find it hard to express myself anyway, so yh...It's a cruel world, it seems like nobody cares about other people anymore...life goes on
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I dont find it hard to express myself but i suffer in silence because of pride. I guess i can express myself but only in anger. I prefer to find the humour in situations as a cover from serious ****. Placebo effect, i suppose it helps that i imagine my life to be a real-life comedy show like Louie (have you seen louie?) - but thats only cos when i was growin up i found true happines in the comedy id catch on tv.

yea well if u wna talk im here n im nt gna judge u. im super open-minded n understanding so im sure i cld help :)

I feel the same way! I guess i've learned from past experiences with being open too. You just end up having stuff thrown back in your face. I don't tell people my problems because most of the times i usually don't even acknowledge them and that's how i reduce the effects they have on me .. i say im nt gna let them get me down. also i don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or see my problems instead of seeing me. Thirdly, i'm just not able to open up like that..bcaz then I feel naked..exposed..like i've given people ammunition against me u knw..im just not very trusting of people in that way to pour my soul out to them..I am a good listener, advice-giver, confidante however :)

I feel exactly the same...it's hard cause u wanna tell someone but u dnt... :/

I fully can understand that .

Thanks, it's the weirdest thing but i feel like whoever id tell it to, probably doesn't even care and when I've like pour my hear out and get nothin bk...its the most depressing thing ever, I feel like a part of me is missing, and I'm not gonna gt tht bk. plus I don't want to seem vulnerable..

I like to talk and meet new friends and get to know them. I'm here on and off to chat so maybe message me sometime if you do want to chat about anything!