Sensitive But Not Susceptible

As time passes by... my soul becomes more and more sensitive. But only my dearest persons can recognize it.

I never cried while watching a film...and now? Now my eyes suddenly become wet and a tear is formed in the corner.... after a while teardrops fall down my face....

and it's all because someone important who walked in my life and changed me from inside.

Noone except of my parents, bestfriend and my love saw me crying.... because I don't want to share my inside...share my fears and pains with foreigners, aliens with who I have to deal with in everyday life.... I share them only with my closest: Aalekh and Ivet... thank you both for your trust, my dears.

Maybe for those who don't know me I look numbly... but I don't care about them... let them think about me what they want...

My soul is precious... it's old soul.


special thanks to my EP friends, who understand me.

bublina bublina
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 12, 2008

Thank you TP

me too.. thanks aalekh.

Thanks Dani. You are very good friend. (((hugs)))